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  • For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.

 God knew men's unbelief, and provided for this purpose a bird, called a Phoenix . . .  (Early Church Fathers: Second Series, Volume 7, Lecture XVIII).

A few members of Phoenix Line: myself in the background, Left to right Wende Barry, Gretchen Swank, Josani Phoenix, Monica Rice, and Susan Carson.

The Phoenix Line of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

There are several "lines" in Pennsylvania. These are lines of lineage that trace the teachings from the source to those descended from that source. I don't know much about the other lines, to be honest, nor do I know how authentic or old they actually are. However, the Phoenix line begins with me. My knowledge comes from my teachers. I pass that on to my students but I pass on way more than that; my own experience and knowledge. I teach way way way more than I've ever learned, I can promise you that.

If you are interested in becoming a Powwower, please understand that we will expect you to adhere to tradition AND to work hard to carry on the tradition in the world. Please FILL OUT THE CONTACT FORM BELOW to get started!

The Phoenix Line of Cumberland County is a lineage of Powwowers that adhere to the religious, cultural, and traditional ways of Powwow. We are Christian. We respect the culture and the history of the Pennsylvania Germans. We adhere to the tradition of Powwow as it has been known in the Pennsylvania German culture for several hundred years. 

In 1894, a Powwow manual called "The Guide to Health or Household Instructor" by Ossman & Steel Wiconisco, PA was published. They were a mother and son team of Powwowers and are quoted "...every word we mention in regard to Pow Wowing is taken from the Scripture, and those who have no faith in the Scripture, had better keep their hands off of our book, as they cannot be cured by this method." 

The Holy Trinity is not a name from a list of correspondences to be "used" by one who has not been baptized in the Church and received the Sacraments in the name of Christ.

There is a story in Acts (New Testament) that describes several Jewish men who had heard the Word of God but didn't believe. However, they decided to go out and about, casting out demons and evil spirits "in the name of Jesus, who Paul preaches about". They thought this would be sufficient. However, they met an evil spirit who then challenged them. "Jesus, I know..and I know about Paul.. but who are YOU?" In other words, by what authority does one go about working in the name of Christ if one does not actually BELIEVE in Christ?? (read Acts 19 for the full story).

Above is the official hex sign of Phoenix Line. It is the double Phoenix which represents the two lives of the Hexenmeister, in other traditions called "the two-headed doctor". The heart is the heart at the center of our work; our love for God and our love for those in need. The tulips represent our faith, the petals our devotion to charity, and the clasped branches are representative of our offering of peace to the world. The colors are those of fire, which is the spirit of the Phoenix, and the fire of the Holy Spirit burns over the heads of the Phoenix. The three flowers in the center, surrounding the Phoenix, represent the Holy Trinity, and the Phoenix is an ancient symbol of Christianity representing the resurrection of Christ.

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