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Powwow Essentials: A six-week lesson in the tradition of
Pennsylvania German Powwow

So, you're ready to take the plunge and not only learn ABOUT the tradition of Powwow, but learn how to actually BE a Powwow.... that's great! And my new course will get you there!

This has been a long time coming. I'm constantly being asked by individuals to teach them Powwow and, to be honest, I never really developed a good system! So I was always floundering, trying to figure out a lesson plan, etc. and eventually the would-be student just disappears... I don't blame them!

But after so many requests, I've finally developed a really good course that will not only teach you the essentials of the Powwow tradition, but you'll be practicing Powwow after the very first class, I promise!

The entire six lessons will be via Zoom. All students registered will get weekly invites from me to join the class, so no need to do anything extra on your end!

Here is the outline for the course. Please understand that this is the first draft and some changes will naturally occur, but this is the general idea!

Week One – we will discuss the history of the Powwow tradition and the role of the Powwow in the community in both an historical context and in modern times. Students will be taught one charm in the traditional manner during this introductory class.

Week Two – we will discuss the theology of Powwow, the Powwowers role in the local religious community, and how the folk religion of the Pennsylvania Dutch helped to nurture the tradition. Students will be taught how to make a traditional Powwow brauche bag.

Week Three – we will discuss the differences between Powwow and Witchcraft, known as Hexerei in Pennsylvania German culture. Some historical powwows have been known to cross the line into Hexerei when the situation warranted it. We will discuss those individuals, the hexenmeisters, in this lesson.. Students will be taught how to work an anti-hex charm.

Week Four – we will discuss the Price of the Power… in other words, the cost to us for the work we do. All magic has a price to pay, even the good magic. We will also discuss the importance of penance in the Powwow tradition. Students will be taught how to look for clues within certain charms that can add more depth and power to their work.

Week Five – we will discuss the everyday life of a modern Powwow. We will talk about how we will incorporate Powwowing into all areas of our lives and how we use our gardens, plants, herbs, daily prayer, and healing in everything we do. Students will be given a list of some of my favorite and most effective healing charms and herbal home remedies.

Week Six – Finally, I will demonstrate various charms and how to actually do them so that all students will have an understanding of how to actually work the charms. This is when the students will be able to claim in all sincerity that they have learned from a traditional Powwow in the traditional manner.

All attendees who attend and complete all six lessons will receive a letter from me stating that you have finished my course and carry my blessing to go out into the world and start up your own practice as a Powwow.

The cost of the course is $75.

The course will run the five weeks of January and the first week of February 2022. The exact dates for each week are as follows: 

Monday, January 3rd 6pm EST

Monday, January 10th 6pm EST

Monday, January 17th 6pm EST

Monday, January 24th 6pm EST

Monday, January 31st 6pm EST

Monday, February 7th 6pm EST

Each class will last one hour and will be followed by a Q & A session for up to 30 additional minutes. Only the actual hour of me teaching is considered "mandatory". The Q & A is entirely optional if you cannot stay on the computer longer than one hour. No worries!

These dates/times are firm. There are currently NO plans in place for make-up classes or for a repeat of this course. Registration fees are NOT refundable (unless the course schedule changes or gets canceled). Sorry. I'm putting so much work and time into this, and you really will get a lot. I promise.

This is the ONLY time I am offering this course! I am getting older and would like to focus less on teaching and more on just enjoying my life, using my skills to help people, etc. But I also want to live with the knowledge that I've helped train some people to carry on the good work. I hope YOU are one of those people!

All students will need a notebook to take notes, there will not be video versions of the course available for viewing afterward. In addition, there will be a recommended reading list, as well as a few required items that you will be using in your Powwow practice. We will discuss those items during the actual course.

All registered students will be added to a private google email group so that you can share notes, etc. during the duration of the course. Once you register, you will be automatically added to the group. This will help build rapport amongst the participants and also help create a network of those of who will go on to become actual Powwowers.

To register, fill out the REGISTRATION FORM BELOW with your REAL NAME, email address, and a little message about yourself so that I can get to know you. Submit payment of $75 on the Paypal button below. Payment is due at the same time as you register.

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