Pennsylvania German Powwow

Faith healing and folk magic of the Pennsylvania Germans

Join me, like minded Christians and practitioners of magic...

I would like to form a group of like-minded seekers in Christ who believe as I do. I would like us to work magic together, and bring the healing powers of Christ into the world. I am very much a student of the occult sciences and ceremonial magic. I think it is time for us to gather together and work our magic for the greater good. Christ commanded us to go forth into the world and cast out demons and lay our hands on the sick so that they should get well. We are true believers in Christ and workers of his divine providence. I believe very much in the power of both Christ and magic.

If you are like me and wish to work magic as a group: not a "powwow group", for sure, but a group of ceremonial magicians; then please contact me at You must be local and able to travel to my home. That is mandatory. Otherwise, the only requirements are that you be Christian and be oriented to the occult/magical disciplines. We can learn together.

I hope to hear from you.