Guder Daag!  Wie bisch?

My name is Robert Matthew Phoenix (formerly Chapman) and I am the creator of this site.  I do all of this research myself because I truly love the culture of the Pennsylvania Dutch and the tradition of Powwow.  I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and currently live in South-Central Pennsylvania and work for the state of PA.  I've always been interested in folk magic and have studied many different systems over the years.  I was raised Catholic, as this was the religion of my mother's side of the family, and as an adult I have embraced the religion of my father's side of the family, the Reformed church; known nowadays as the United Church of Christ.  My personal beliefs are a blend of both traditions.  I love Powwowing because it's a Christian-based system that really does work and it connects me to the traditions, beliefs, religion, and folklore of my ancestors.  

An all-purpose healing charm


Heile, heile, Segen.

Drei Tage Regen.

Drei Tage Dreck.

Und jetzt ist alles weg

+  +  +



Holy, holy blessing

Three days of rain

Three days of muck

And all is gone.

+  +  +

To insure safety from an angry dog

Dog, hold thy nose to the ground;

God has made me and thee, hound.


To cure a person of worms

You are a little worm, not entirely grown.

You plague me in marrow and bone.

You may be white, black, or red,

In a quarter of an hour you will be dead.


A Charm for Personal Safety

Cross of Christ and Crown of Christ and Jesus Christ; red blood, be to me at all times and all hours good.  god the Father is before me.  God the Son is at my side.  God the Holy Ghost is behind me.  Who now is stronger than these three persons may come to seize me.

+   +   +  then follow up with three Paternosters.


To Compel a dog, horse, or other animal to follow you

Casper guide thee, Balthasar bind thee, Melchior keep thee

Three times, utter these words into the animal's right ear.

For Wounds and Stopping of Blood

Blessed is the day on which Jesus Christ was born; blessed is the day on which Jesus Christ died; blessed is the day on which Jesus Christ arose from the dead.  These are the three holy hours; by these N.N., I stop thy blood.  Thy sores shall neither swell nor fester; no more shall that happen, than that the Virgin Mary will bear another son.

+   +   +

Protection from Sorcery

Take elm wood on Good Friday, cut the same while calling the holiest names.  Cut chips of this wood from one to two inches in length.  Carve on them, in the three holiest names, three crosses.  Wherever such a slip is placed, all sorcery will be banished.

To Stop Blood

There stood three roses upon our Saviour's grave.  The first is mild, the other is good, the third shall stop the blood.

+ + +

A Protective Talisman

To be hung in the home, hidden in a secret place, or carried with you.

A charm to make a thief return stolen goods

Write upon two pieces of paper the following words, and attach one to the top of the door, and the other under the threshold, and the thief will return on the third day and bring back the stolen articles:

Abraham bound it †

Isaac redeemed and found it †

Jacob carried it home †

it is bound as tightly as steel and iron, chains and fetters. † † †


To Remove Skin Infections

Many of the old charms refer to a skin infection known as "wildfire".  This referred to a very specific skin condition called erysipelas.  I use the term to refer to any skin condition.  Feel free to change it to something else that might work better for you if you choose not to use the term "wildfire".

With a red string, pull it tight between your two hands.  First touch the top of the individual's head then sweep the string down the front of the body and away from the person three times while you repeat the following three times:


fly, fly, fly

The red string chase you

away, away, away

Then speak the baptismal name of the individual then seal with the words:

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Amen.


To Stop Blood

On a slip of white paper, write the following:


Place this paper over the wound to stop the blood.


Charm to cure burns

For mild burns on the skin (don't try to treat serious burns, get medical attention immediately):

At the end of each spoken line, gently blow on the burned area (GENTLY!!!)

Fire of God (gentle breath)

Lose thy heat (gentle breath)

As Judas lost his color (gentle breath)

When he betrayed our Lord (gentle breath)

In the garden of olives (gentle breath)

Amen, Amen, Amen (gentle breath)

Repeat for a total of three times, seal the working.

To Guard your home against thieves and witches

Take a glass of water and repeat over it 77 times:

Adonai, Elohim, the LORD my God

Pour the water around the perimeter of your home.  This is believed to prevent witches and thieves from infiltrating your property.  Made more powerful if done on a Holy Day or after taking sacrament at church.


Interesting charm and it's language variations

This was shared by a member of my church as she learned it as a child growing up in PA Dutch country:


"Heile, heile, Hinkeldreck! Marifree ischt olles weg."

or, another variation,

"Heile, heile, Hinkeldreck! Marifree ischt olles recht."

in German,

"Heiliger, heiliger, Huhnerdreck! Morgen fruh ist alles weg (recht)."

and, in English,

"Holy, holy chicken dirt.  Early morning it is gone/away/right."

and, made to rhyme, we get the familiar charm as demonstrated below,

"Holy, holy chicken dirt.  Tomorrow morning it won't hurt!"


It is said that to spit on the area of pain helps seal the magic.


To Keep Witches Away from your Property

In the Amish community, there is an old belief that if a bundle of St. John's Wort was hung over the door of the house or barn, no witch could enter and no witchcraft could effect the people or animals within.  In these days of the prevalence of hexerei, why take chances?


Sealing a Powwow working

When a charm calls for sealing the working with the sign of the cross, this is done with the right hand, made into a fist, and the thumb straight out (like a 'thumbs up' position).  The cross is 'drawn' over the affected area with the ball of the hand just below the thumb; typically three times; spoken in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


For Easing Pains

Hold hand over painful area and recite three times:

Holy, Holy chicken dirt

Tomorrow morning, it won't hurt

Blow on area three times, then seal with the sign of the cross.

To Banish Fevers

Suspend, upon a Friday, a letter containing the names set forth below, between the hours of eight and nine, upon the patient's neck, in the following manner:

Fold together, and tie it in grayish red cloth, which must be unbleached, and pierce through the cloth and the letter, three holes. Draw red thread through them, while calling the three holiest names. Suspend the same around the neck of the patient, and let it remain eleven days. After taking it off, burn it before the lapse of one hour:














Against Evil Spirits and all manner of Witchcraft.


N. I. R.


 Sanctus.   Spiritus.


N. I. R.


All this be guarded, here in time, and there in eternity. Amen.

You must write all the above on a piece of white paper, and carry it about you. The characters or letters above, signify: "God bless me here in time, and there eternally."


To Protect your home from all manner of evils

In chalk or white stone, just outside your doorstep, mark on the ground three crosses spaced equal distance apart while saying:

Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come and has redeemed his people.  He has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David as he said through his holy prophets long ago, salvation from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us.

To Soothe Aches and Pains

Place hands gently on the afflicted area.

Repeat the following for a total of three times:

I will exalt you, O Lord,

for you lifted me out of the depths

and did not let my enemies gloat over me.

O Lord my God, I called to you for help

and you healed me.

O Lord, you brought me up from the grave;

you spared me from going down into the pit.

(Excerpt from Psalm 30, spoken with devotion.)

To Stop a Wound from Bleeding

Say three times over the wound:

Mary goes throughout the land

She has two pitchers in her hand;

In one is blood, in one is water;

Blood stay; water go.

Make three signs of the cross over the wound.

To Determine if you have been Bewitched

Rub a raw egg from the top of your head down the length of your body to your feet three times.  Break the egg into a dish or fireplace.  If there is blood in the egg, it is a sign that negative witchery has been cast on you.

To Remove Negative Witchery and Return it to the Witch

Boil a piece of beef and while it is cooking, keep sticking it with a needle.  The one who bewitched you will have the same pains and the spell upon you will be broken.

To Prevent Weak or Malicious Persons from doing you an injury

On a piece of paper write the following:

Dullix, ix, ux. Yea, you can't come over Pontio;

Pontio is above Pilato. + + +

Hang this above the main entrance to your house and it will certainly protect you from malicious persons!

To Protect The Home

Go to each window and door individually.  In the air make the sign of the cross or protective star while saying:

Three angels with three swords stand before the house of God.

The first is courage,

the second is strength,

the third strikes down all enemies.

In the name of the Holy Trinity!

Weather Charm

Hold a red knife in the air, blade facing oncoming storm, and say three times:

"Three angels ride the winds

to lands both far and near

Go west, go east, go south, go north

but do not linger here!"

Stick the knife into the ground.

To Stop Blood

Place a red knife gently over the affected area.

Three ladies came from Jordan's land

Each with a bloody knife in her hand

Stand blood, stand, in the name of God stand

Bloody wound, in God's name mend!

+ + +

For Justice in Court

Carry a bit of Pot Marigold (Calendula) on the day of your court appearance and, prior to leaving your home, recite Psalm 20 three times.

For Protection

The SATOR charm can be copied onto a slip of paper then taped to the inside of your front door to protect your home from thieves and intruders.

Just a quick message:

Robert Phoenix is NOT a pen name. It is literally my legal name. In 2015 I was married to someone with the last name of Phoenix, so I changed my name from Chapman to Phoenix. There is another Robert Phoenix out there, a professional astrologer. He and I are not associated or related in any way. 

A note from me....

Many people ask me how I came to the tradition of powwowing and what go me started. It's a complex question to answer...  Most of my life I have been fascinated by both magic and religion. I have ALWAYS had a desperate need for God in my life. I can't explain why. As a kid, my family attended the Catholic Church because that was the church of my mother and her Irish-Catholic side of the family. As I got older, I naturally started to rebel against those teachings and discovered subjects like witchcraft and neo-paganism. As a young adult, I fully embraced alternative religions and systems of folk magic, but I always felt that something was missing. As I got into my 20's I started questioning the alternative religious studies I was learning because there was just so much false information out there that I couldn't trust. It was during these years that I started learning about Powwowing. In my late 30's, I had a dream. I was laying in bed and a powerful man's voice woke me up by saying "Get up and read your Bible." This was alarming to me and yet felt so real. I can never fully explain it. But the thing is, I didn't own a Bible at that point. But the dream was so powerful, I knew I had to follow through. So I got a Bible. And it changed my life. 

Since then, I've embraced the religion of my family and my ancestry. This feels absolutely correct to me because I want to honor my ancestry in the best way possible and can think of no better way than to carry on the beliefs that they had.

Powwowing is amazing to me because it works and it is powered by the beliefs of my ancestry. It feels absolutely right for me and I have never experienced anything quite like it.

On a more personal level, I place my family before anything else in life. I am married to a wonderful and caring person who takes very good care of our family. He is a hard worker, extremely loving, and very supportive of my career and Powwowing. Our son is an amazing young boy who has been through many trials and tribulations in life. When we adopted him, we knew he was meant to be extraordinary, and I look forward to seeing what amazing things he will do as he grows up. God has been very good to me and I could never have hoped for a more blessed life.

Piecing together information about a tradition like Powwowing is not always easy. I first had to pick a good place to start so I immersed myself in the study of the history of the Pennsylvania Germans. Once I had a good grasp on who the PA Germans are, I delved into the religious beliefs and folk customs. From there, the larger picture of what Powwow is and what its place is in the culture started to become more clear.

No folk tradition can be separated from the actual culture that gave it birth and still maintain its historical and cultural integrity. This is why I believe it is so difficult for those outside of the PA German community to truly comprehend Powwowing. Its so deeply ingrained into the religious beliefs and lifestyles of the Pennsylvania German culture that it is nearly impossible to fully appreciate if any of the cultural elements (location, religion, dialect of origin, history, etc) are removed or misrepresented.

To that end, I welcome any and all correspondence that may help flesh out the information and resources I have gathered here on this site. This includes links to academic websites that provide helpful information about the PA German culture, book recommendations, historical resources, and so forth.



On the left is my great Aunt, Sarah Steinhert.  In the middle is my grandmother, June Betty Bankes-Whitley.  On the right is my grandfather, Arthur Owen Whitley.



This is my dad, Robert Sr. He passed away in 2010. Unfortunately, I didn't know my father. He didn't have time for us when we were young and, with my parents divorced when I was very young, I have no memories of living with him. When he died, I was angry and felt cheated for not having a dad. No matter what, I do miss him, and maybe I just miss the idea of having a dad. I don't know. But I like to think that maybe I inherited some of the very best things about him, whatever they may be. :)


Before you email me, please read the following guidelines. 

1-If you are sending historical, religious, and/or cultural information, be sure to include academic links to all of your resources.  There are some resources that are just NOT academic, and some that are.  If you are unsure, submit the links to me and I will make a determination of it's worth based on further research of my own.  I always do my best to investigate all claims, no matter how far-fetched, to uncover whether or not there is truth to them. Also, if you have artifacts or historical items that were used for powwowing, I'd love to see pictures of them! But you would be much better off contacting Patrick Donmoyer at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center. His life's work is preserving Pennsylvania German history and he would know much more about your items than I would. His email is 


2-be sure the information is not already presented on this website.  I've gotten quite a few emails from individuals who felt I left out important points pertaining to the study of powwowing, when in reality the information is most certainly included on this site.  You really have to look through the whole site.  Sometimes the information and links can seem overwhelming, but it is all absolutely essential for a proper education in the subject.  If you've checked and re-checked and definitely cannot find mention of something you feel is crucial, please let me know.  Please also be aware that in some instances I merely mention an aspect of PA German culture (like the various dialects, for example) but do not elaborate on because I am not an expert in that topic.  Instead, I'll offer links to further study for your own education.  


3-if you have questions/comments/etc that involve Native American studies, culture, religion, etc, please understand that I am not the person to contact.  I have almost no knowledge of Native American culture to share with you, nor is PA German Powwowing in any way, shape, or form connected to Native American culture.  I can't tell you how many emails I've received filled with accusations of cultural appropriation.  However, I can tell that the authors of those emails haven't actually read through this website.  If they had, they would understand that this is something very different than Native American religion and culture.  Emails of this nature will simply be deleted and ignored as I have no information to share on this topic. 

4-If you find that one of the links on this site no longer works or doesn't lead to the page that it's supposed to, please let me know.  I try to keep up with all the links on this site by checking them regularly to make sure they are still good, but sometimes I miss a few.  If you should find such a link, or if you know of a site that might be a good one to link to this one, please send me a message.  I appreciate it! :)

5-If you are hoping for me to teach you, please first review the entire website. Honestly, there is enough on here to get you started. I would only technically teach someone that could come to me in person, otherwise I could have conversations with you about powwow, which could be interesting, but wouldn't be the same as a teacher/student relationship. I wrote The Powwow Grimoire to act as a replacement for a physical teacher, so hopefully you get a chance to read that and start putting your powwowing skills to work for your community!

Please use the fields at the bottom of this page to contact me. You may also share your personal powwowing stories, I would love to read them!   

Please understand that I cannot always respond to every email.  Between my career and my family and my school work, I'm pretty busy.  However, I do my best.  If you don't get a response, please don't take it personally.  Thanks for understanding!

Requests for genealogical research.

I get FREQUENT requests for information about people's ancestry. I really cannot stress enough that I do NOT have access to this information. Please don't contact me with requests like this. While I would LOVE to learn more about your ancestry, I simply do not have this information. It took me a long time to gather information on my own ancestry. I recommend you go to and start there.

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Requests for healing or anti-hex work

Please email me. I'll do my best. But there is a warning that comes with this.

Over the years I have helped many people, with varying degrees of success and failure. But I do my best. I will always "try" for you. But the results are between you and God.

That being said, I've had a few individuals that come to me over and over and over again and I find that I spend so much time and energy on these types that it takes away from my own life.

If you need help, let me know. But please don't be a leech. I'm a Powwow. I do not accept payment or "donations". I do what I do because God has called me to do it. But please don't take advantage.

Thank you.