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A Blessing for your Adversaries

Posted by Rob Phoenix on October 4, 2021 at 9:05 PM

Because Powwow is a Christian tradition, there are a number of charms that are designed to send your adversary away from you in the spirit of peace and truce. I like these charms because sometimes you just want to separate yourself from an individual with no hard feelings. One such charm is found in John George Hohman's original work, The Friend in Need. It reads as follows:

"Here I go quite light of heart. We have drunk the blood of Jesus Christ. God the Father be by me, God the Son be by thee, and God the Holy Ghost who wisheth us both to part from one another in peace. In the Three Highest Names." + + +

In other words, this charm is both a statement of separation and a blessing. You ask for the blessing of Christ upon your adversary. You acknowledge that you have both "drunk the blood of Jesus Christ".. in other words, you recognize your adversary as a Brother in Christ. And you state that the Holy Ghost wishes you to "part from one another in peace". 

This is a lovely charm that I highly recommend when you know it is time to draw a line between yourself and an individual that you can no longer reasonably see eye-to-eye with. 

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