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The Full Moon

Posted by Rob Phoenix on February 5, 2023 at 7:00 PM

In Pennsylvania Dutch culture, the awareness of the Full Moon is important for both agricultural and Powwowing purposes.

Today, Sunday February 5, 2023, the Full Moon is in the sign of Leo. Leo rules the heart and the spine.

The sun, however, is in the sign of Aquarius. This rules the lower parts of the legs, the shins, etc.

Together, they give us indication of which parts of the body to Powwow for. Remember that the Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun, so both signs should be considered.

Agriculturally, we take into account the element of each sign.

Leo is a FIRE sign, which means planting spices and other plants/herbs/veggies that do well in extreme heat and full sun.

Aquarius is an AIR sign, which means planting herbs that aid in decongestion as well as veggies that do well in cooler/dryer conditions.

In the middle of winter, which is where we are, we do not worry so much about the planting stuff, but we DO want to focus on our Powwowing work.

Powwow is a deeply astrological tradition that relies very much on the movement of the stars and planets. Please pay close attention to this important work.

May God bless you in all the you do!

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