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PA Dutch House Blessings

Posted by Rob Phoenix on January 24, 2023 at 8:10 PM

In the Pennsylvania Dutch culture, a House Blessing is a hand-written letter which offers protection to the bearer of the letter. These are sometimes carried in a wallet or tucked away in a family Bible. But in other instances, they can be beautiful works of art and are framed and hung prominently within the home. The letter promises both blessing and protection on the home and its inhabitants.

I have an original printing of a Johann Ritter himmelsbrief (Heaven's Letter) made in Reading, Pennsylvania, sometime in the 1800's (I'm not sure about the exact date).

My print is framed, but the folds and wear and tear show that it was folded for a very long time, likely placed inside the family Bible.

A Heaven's Letter was designed to free the house of harmful negative spiritual entities while calling on the blessing of God upon all those who live within the home. 

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