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Anti-witchcraft rituals and charms

Posted by Rob Phoenix on January 14, 2023 at 6:55 PM

Powwow is a tradition that has historical grimoires as our "source material". A large part of our work involves the combating of negative/evil witchery. This is evident by the number of rituals and charms that our source materials have. Keep in mind that many of these are presented as a matter of historical interest. It is very unlikely that you will ever need to utilize most, if not all, of these rituals.

Here I have collected every charm from the three most influential grimoires for the tradition of Powwow: The Long Lost Friend, The Romanusbuchlein, and Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus.


If a Human Being or Beast is attacked by Evil Spirits, how to restore him and make him well again.


Thou arch-sorcerer, thou has attacked (name of person); let that witchcraft recede from him into thy marrow and into thy bone, let it be returned unto thee. I exorcise thee for the sake of the five wounds of Jesus, thou evil spirit, and conjure thee for the five wounds of Jesus of this flesh, marrow and bone; I exorcise thee for the sake of the five wounds of Jesus, at this very hour restore to health again (name of person)., in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and of God the Holy Spirit. Three times. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus


If a Man or Beast is attacked by Wicked People, and how to banish them forever from the House so that they may never be able to do any Harm.


Bedgoblin and all ye evil spirits, I forbid you my bedstead, my couch; I forbid you, in the name of God, my house and home; I forbid you, in the name of the Holy Trinity, my blood and flesh, my body and soul; I forbid you all the nail holes in my house and home, till you have traveled over every hillock, waded through every water, have counted all the leaflets of the trees, and counted all the starlets in the sky, until that beloved day arrives when the mother of God will bring forth her second Son. † † †


This formula, three times spoken in the house of the person whom we seek to aid, always adding, in the right place, both his baptismal and other names, has been found excellent in many hundred cases. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To know when Cattle are Plagued by Witches.


The hair stand on end, or bristles on the head, and they generally sweat by night or near dawn of day. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




When Cattle is Bewitched.


Take witchcraft balsam, glow worm oil, black juniper berry, oil of rue, oil of turpentine, two cents worth of each. Give this mixture to the cattle; also, some balsam of sulphur. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




When the Udder of a Cow is Bewitched.


Take blue bottle flowers, of which make a wreath; milk every stroke back of the legs three times upon the wreath; after this let the cow eat that wreath, and speak the following words: cow, I here give you bottle flowers that thou wouldst give me milk at once, that will not sour. Furthermore, whenever the cattle is driven out for the first time, in early spring, give to every piece of cattle a piece of beef meat about a half a finger long. This push down their throat after sprinkling it with a little salt. This will free them from becoming putrid and contracting erysipelas. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




When a Man or Cattle is Plagued by Goblins, or Ill-disposed People.


Go on Good Friday, or Golden Sunday, ere the sun rise in the East, to a hazelnut bush, cut a stick therefrom with a sympathetic weapon, by making three cuts above the hand toward the rise of the sun, in the name of the † † † Carry the stick noiselessly into the house, conceal it so that no one can get hold of it. When a man or beast is plagued by evil disposed people, walk three times around such a haunted person, while pronouncing the three holiest names; after this proceeding, take off thy hat and hit it with the stick and thus you smite the wicked being. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus


For Haunted Horses or Cattle.


Take the left-hand glove of a woman afflicted with rheumatism in the right arm, steep it in fresh water, and allow the animals to drink thereof. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




A Secret and curious Piece of Marvel, to Discern in a Mirror what an Enemy designs at the Distance of Three Miles or more.


Obtain a good plain looking glass, as large as you please, and have it framed on three sides only; upon the left side it should be left open. Such a glass must be held toward the direction where the enemy is existing and you will be able to discern all his markings, manœuverings, his doings and workings. Was effectually used during the thirty years' war. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To prevent Fire Arms from being Bewitched.


Take nine blades of straw from under a sow while she is nursing young pigs, therefrom put nine knots into the shaft and insert them between the two barrel loops, and such a gun cannot be bewitched. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To manufacture a Golden Ring, by which not only House and Home, but also Man and Beast are secured against all Misfortunes, Pestilential Epidemics and Diseases, and are secured against the Arts and Wiles of the Powers of the Devil.


May God direct and rule, that this hour, day and year and all the time may be as good and blessed as our dear Lord Jesus Christ; that grant God, the Father, and God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.


May God, the Father, make a golden ring around this house, around this stable, around all men and beasts that belongeth thereto and goeth in and out of it; also around my fields and forests, yea, this very ring encircles our beloved Mary with her dear infant, Jesus Christ they protect, watch over, maintain, shelter, cover and defend all mankind, both male and female, small and large, young and old, as likewise, all cattle, oxen, steers, cows and calves, horses and foals, sheep, goats, beef-cattle, and swine, geese, ducks, chickens, pigeons, large and small, whatever is contained in this house and these stables and all that cometh in and goeth out; for all misfortunes, evil, colic wild fire, losses, epidemics, and other diseases; for all bad and heated blood; for all bad and malicious enemies and storms; for all evil hours, day and night; for all magic power of witchcraft, and the designs and powers of the devil and his infernal hosts, to be visible or invisible, or for all wicked people who contemplate to rob me, that they may not be able to carry or spoil aught, anything that these people and animals, young and old, large and small, nothing excepted, whatsoever belongeth to these premises and their surroundings, and goeth out and cometh in, from whence and hence that no loss may occur, nor any evil be done at home or abroad, in the field or in the woods, in the meadows and on the plains, in grass, wood or heath, whether it works or rests, sits, lays, runs, or stands, they shall all now for all time to come be included in this ring, and be secure and protected from bullet and sword, by the very holy blood-drops of the dear beloved infant, Jesus Christ, which he hath suffered and shed for us by his circumcision and upon the cross and thereby vouchsafed and sealed his love everlasting, for such, they, the magicians will find no herb which may open, break or move or pervert, because our dear Lord Jesus Christ, protects and defendeth such with his ever holy hands, and his supremely sacred five wounds, at all times, by day and by night, and at all hours, forever and ever eternally. In the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Three Fridays in succession, in the morning, this should be repeated three times over house and all the estates, and all that lives and dwells therein will be protected from all evil and harm. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




That Nobody may hurt you and how to be Secured against all Assailants.


Now I will Walk over the threshold I met three men, not yet very old. The first was God the Father; the other was God the Son; the third was God the Holy Spirit. They protect my body and soul, blood and flesh, that in no well I fall, that water may not swell me at all, that a rabid dog may never bite me, that shot and stone may never smite me, that spear and knife may never cut me; that never a thief may steal the least from me. Then it shall become like our dear Saviour's sweat. Whoever is stronger and mightier than these three men, he may come hither, assail me if he can, or forever keep his peace with me. † † † Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus


Powerful Prayer, whereby one may Protect Himself against Bullet and Sword, against Visible and Invisible Enemies, or all Possible Evil and Dangers.


Count Philip of Flanders had a subject who had forfeited his life; and as the Count wanted to have the delinquent executed, no executioner was able to perform the act. No sword would cut his head off. This astonished the count, and he spoke thus: How shall I divine this? Tell me how this comes to pass, and I will pardon thee. Whereupon the poor sinner showed him the letter, and he copied the same, as did all his servants. If you have to go to obtain advice, or to a court of justice, take this letter upon your right side, and you will not be subdued or conquered by any one. When you do not have the favor of your husband or of your wife, take this letter to your aid, and the favor will soon be regained. When a woman is in her trouble hang this letter on her neck and she will bear with much patience. If one's nose is bleeding, and will not cease, put this letter upon such person's head — the blood will soon be stopped. Wherever this letter is put under the roof of a house, such property is secure from storm and lightning.


"The blood of Jesus Christ, who was God and man in one person, protect me, N. N., from all sorts of weapons and arms, projectiles and guns, long and short swords, knives, daggers, carbines, hellebardes, and all share, cutting and pointed weapons; from lancets and spears, short or long rifles, muskets, etc., wrought and forged since the birth of Christ, of all kinds of metal, be they of steel or iron, brass or lead, metal or wood. Jesus Christ, the true Lamb of God, save me, N. N., from all kinds of shot guns and projectiles, by maintaining the covenant, like the Holy Mary, before and after the miraculous birth, render their weapons to become as soft as the drops of blood shed by our Saviour upon Mount Olivet. Jesus Christ, protect me, N. N., from all evil reports behind my back; from apoplexy, sudden death, witchcraft, drying and stopping of well water; from all kinds of enemies, visible and invisible. Lord Jesus Christ, let me, N. N., not be lost but wander with me, and be with me, until my last moments, and leave me not, that I may not die here. That vouchsafe me, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The Holy Trinity be with me and by me. It protect me, N. N., the one Godhead. Jesus Christ, be with me upon the water and upon the land; in the forest, mountains or valley; in village, town and city; wheresoever I stand or walk, sit or lay, or whither I roam. Lord Jesus Christ, save me, N. N., from all enemies, be they visible or invisible, secret or open. It protect me, N. N., the one God, through his bitter sufferings and death, and by his rose-colored blood, which the Lord Jesus Christ shed upon the Cross. Jesus Christ was conceived in Nazareth, born in Bethlehem. These are valuable and dear words, written down in this letter. Therefore all must succumb to me, N. N., that is, vanish until I recall them; and must loose all their arms and armor, defence and weapon, that they may give way and yield and vanish, until I call them again, and lose all their strength and power, like Pharaoh lost his might. Blood and strength retain your powers, like Christ retained his, when he was tortured, and with his Holy five wounds ye shall be nailed down and bound. The armament must vanish, like those men vanished who tied the hands of Lord Jesus upon the cross, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus crossed the Red Sea, looked into the Holy Land, and said: Torn shall be all ropes and bands; all arms and weapons shall be broken; all eyes must be blinded, those that are sinful; no hero or any weapon shall overpower me. That water shall not cut — be it iron or steel, brass or lead, nor whatever it may be — must not hurt me, ah! God. May it be blessed, like the cup and the bread, like the real bread of life, which the Lord gave to His twelve disciples, in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The blessing of the Divine Being, how He blessed Lot, when he sent to make peace, may come over me; the blessing of the Lord when he blessed Joseph, it come over me, N. N.; the blessing of thy Lord over the archangel Gabriel, when he carried the joyful message to the Virgin Mary, it may come over me, N. N. In the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.


In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehendeth it not. There was a man sent from God whose name was John. The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light that all men through him might believe. He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world, He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father), full of grace and truth, visibly and openly protect me, N. N., the eternal Godhead, by the bitter sufferings and death, and through his rose-colored blood, which he shed from the Holy Cross. Jesus was begotten at Nazareth.


These are truthful words, as very stone is written down in this letter, that I will not be captured by any murderer, nor bound in fetters; all shots, arms and weapons will vanish before me, N. N., and lose all their power. Keep all thy armor and weapons, by the Almighty, in the name of God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus walked over the Red Sea. He looked into the Holy Land. All cords and bands must break and bend; the eyes of my foes shall become blinded. Protect me, N. N., that no stone shall fall, nor iron, nor steel, metal or lead that I may be well blessed, like the very heavenly bread which the Saviour gave to the twelve disciples, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The blessing God bestowed upon the first created being may be inherited by me, N. N. Further: love my right hand, when I come into a strange land, that neither foe nor sorcerer may bewitch nor stun me. † † † Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To Secure One's Self against Wicked People whilst Traveling, and being in Danger of being Attacked.


Speak three times: Two wicked eyes have overshadowed me, but three other eyes are overshadowing me too, the one of God, the Father, the other of God the Son, the third of God the Holy Spirit, they watch my blood and flesh, my marrow and bone, and all other large and small limbs, they shall be protected in the name of God. † † † Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To prevent Persons doing Evil unto you, whom you suspect of bearing Malice, or designing Evil against you.


Welcome, in the name of God, ye brethren true and God, we all have drank of the Saviour's blood. God the Father be with me; God the Son be with you; God the Holy Spirit be with us all. Let us meet in union and part from each other in peace. † † † Three times spoken. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




When Milk is Stolen by Witchcraft.


Wash the outside of the milk pails which you use for milking with essence of Tonquin bean. Repeat this several times while milking the cows, and the witches' butter and cheese will have a bad odor, such as is frequently observed. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To Vanquish a Man.


I, N. N., will breathe on thee, three drops of blood I draw from thee. The first from thy heart, the other from thy liver, the third from thy vigorous life. By this I take all thy strength, and thou losest the strife. † † † Three times. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To Banish all Robbers, Murderers, and Foes.


God be with you, brethren. Desist you, thieves, robbers, murderers, waylayers, and warriors in meekness, because we all have partaken of the rose-colored blood of Jesus Christ. Your rifles, guns, and cannons be spiked, with the holy drops of our Redeemer's blood. All sabres and deadly weapons be closed, with the five wounds of our dear Master, Jesus Christ. Three roses are blooming on Jesus' heart. The first is kind, the other is mighty, the third represents God's strong will. Under these, ye thieves and murderers are become still, as long as I will, and ye are banished, and your foul deeds have vanished. † † † Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To Cut a Stick wherewith to Punish a Witch that has Attacked the Cattle.


Mark well, and observe when the new moon shines on a Tuesday before sunrise, or, perhaps, on a Golden Sunday, which will occur whenever a Friday and Sunday come together, or, perhaps, on Good Friday, also before the rising of the sun, hie thee to a hazelnut bush, which you may have selected beforehand. Stand before the stick toward the rising of the sun,, take hold thereof, in the name of God, with both hands, and speak: Stick, I grasp thee, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that thou shalt be obedient to me, that I may surely hit him whom I design to whip. Whereupon take thy knife, and cut the stick in three cuts, while pronouncing the three highest names, and carry it quietly to thy home, and guard it well, that no person steals it. If you intend to whip a witch which hath assaulted a beast or human being, go into the resp. house, and pray, before proceeding thence, three times, with great devotion, the article dedicated to the Bedgoblin, (which is the second article in this book), so that she may be destroyed by fire, and no evil spirit may enter into house or stable; otherwise the cats would get madam to scratch the eyes out of your head. Then move round the man or beast so bewitched three times, backward. Now take off the hat, put it upon the floor, and batter so long upon the hat as thou may chose. It will certainly hit the witch; and even if you should hammer holes into your hat, even the witch will then receive holes in his (or her) head. If thou desirest to flog one who is living at a distance from you, who deserves a beating, then place your coat upon a witch's ladder or shears, or upon a threshold, and call the name of him (or her) you design to whip, and you will hit him (or her) just as well as if he (or she) be present. But upon the stick thou must inscribe: Abiam, Dabiam, Fabiam. Probatum est! Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




For the Goblins and Puppets who deprive the Cows of their Milk.


The appended formula, written upon a scrap of paper, and nailed in a secluded spot in a stable.


† Janna † Sarult † Dutter † Jer † or

† Janna † Sarult † Dutter † Jer † or

† Janna † Sarult † Dutter † Jer † or


Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To make a Salve when a Man apparently becomes Crooked and causes the Belief that he is Bewitched.


Take parsnip roots and carrots, and make an ointment thereof, and grease the limbs crosswise against the grain of the skin with this mixture. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




When a Cow's Usefulness is taken, to find out the Person, and mark the same, who caused the Trouble.


On the day of the patron Demetrius, enter a grocery store, buy a steel, purchase and pay for the same without bartering, and have it forged on this very day. The steel must be square, about a span in length, as thick as a foot measure, and, whatever the blacksmith may ask, you must pay. Early in the morning take milk from the cow in the name of God before the witch milks. After this make a fire upon the hearth, put the steel into the fire till it grows red, then take a pair of wooden tongs and draw the steel from the fire, and put the steel into the dish wherein the milk is and keep it there so long till the milk is all evaporated. If the milk is entirely dried out, the witch who caused the mischief must die; but in case the milk is not entirely dried out, the witch will contract blisters upon hands and face, so that she will not be able, for a long period to expose herself before the people. Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus




To cite a Witch.


Take an earthen pot, not glazed, yarn spun by a girl not yet seven years old. Put the water of the bewitched animal into the pot, then take the egg of a black hen and some of the yarn and move the latter three times round the egg, and ejaculate in the three devils' name; after this put the egg into, the water of the pot, seal the lid of the vessel tightly that no fumes may ooze therefrom, but observe that the head of the lid is below. While setting the pot upon the fire, pronounce the following: Lucifer, devil summon the sorcerer before the witch or me, in the three devils' name. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two



NOTE: The above charm is one of those very very rare charms that calls upon the devil, rather than God. This is a very old example of a hexerei charm. I personally would not work such a charm, but leave it here for its historical value.




That no Witch may leave a Church.


Purchase a pair of new shoes, grease them on Saturday with grease on the outer sole, then put them on and walk to the church, and no witch can find the way out of the church without you proceed before her. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two


Of Witches and Sorcery.


Fasten a squill (sea onion) over the principal door of the house, and no person will come to trouble you in the dwelling. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two


To Beat Witches.


Let the sweepings, which are swept together in a house for three days remain in a heap, and on the third day cover it with a black cloth made of drilling, then take a stick of an elm tree and flog the dirt heap bravely, and the sorceress must assist, or you will batter her to death. Probatum. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two


For Sorcery.


Take elm wood on a Good-Friday, cut the same while calling the holiest names. Cut chips of this wood from one to two inches in length. Cut upon them, in the three holiest names, three crosses, † † † Wherever such a slip is placed, all sorcery will be banished. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two


To Cause a Witch to Die within One Minute


First, try to obtain a piece of the heart of the cattle which had been attacked, then take a little butter and fry the piece therein, as if prepared for eating, then take three nails from the coffin of a corpse, and pierce with them the heart through and through. Piercing the heart and killing the witch, are facts of the same moment. All will be correct at once. Good and approved. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two


To Burn a Witch so that she receives Pock Marks over her entire Body.


Take butter from the household larder, render it down in an iron pan until it broils, then take ivy or wintergreen, and fry it; take three nails of a coffin and stick them in that sauce; carry the mass to a place where neither sun nor moon shines into, and the witch will be sick for half of a year. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two




A Banishment.


Three trees are standing on Jesus' heart — the first is called humility, the other forbearing, the third is called, if it pleases, God. Rider, horse, or walker on foot, ye shalt not stand still, and not move from hence until I grant permission.


While pronouncing this, the hat must be placed on the back of the head, and the right hand put three times thereto. When designing to release them, grasp the hat with the left hand, and put the hat as it was before, keep the hat in the left hand and beat with the hat in the direction where they are wanted to move to or remove from hence.


The sufferings of Christ I hear upon me. Oh! trouble leave me, I hold thee fast for Christ's sake and blood, that removes all ill from me, by his sweat and death, by his holy five wounds so red, through his resurrection and ascension to heaven may give that God will protect me as long as I live. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two




To Lay Spirits by an Anathema.


Ye persons look upon me for a moment till I draw three blood drops from you, which ye have forfeited. The first I draw from your teeth, the other from your lung, the third I draw from your heart's own main; with this I take your hosts away and ye shall stand till I remove from ye the iron band. † † † Three times spoken. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two




To Fasten a Person that he may not Escape.


Take a needle wherewith the gown from a corpse had been sewed and put this needle into the foot prints of the person you seek to fasten. And never will that person, so treated, be able to get away. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two




An Excellent way to Prove whether a Person is a Witch or not.


First. Try to obtain St. John's roots and one ounce of herb of the same plant called moto. Write the following letters upon a scrap of paper and put to the root and herbs:



S A T O R †


Cross of Jesus Christ mild epos


A R E P O †


Cross of Jesus Christ Mesopos


T E N E T †


Cross of Jesus Christ Habenepos





R O T A S.*




* EE: SATOR + Cross of Christ mildepos / AREPO + Cross of Christ mesepos / TENET + Cross of Christ Habenepos / OPERA / ROTAS.


This must be sewed up in a piece of leather, and if you wish to see the witch, only carry the paper with you, but it must be taken in the hour when the first quarter of the moon occurs.


You will then perceive that no witch can remain in the same room with you. [79] Egyptian Secrets Volume Two.




When a Child is Bewitched.


Stand with the child toward the morning sun, and speak: Be welcome in God's name and sunshine, from whence didst brightly beam, aid me and my dear child and feign my songs serenely stream. To God the Father sound my praise, help praise the Holy Ghost that he restore my child to health, I praise the heavenly host. † † † Egyptian Secrets Volume Two




A Blessing for Enemies.


This grant God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


Now I will rise in the name of the Lord, and will wander in his path by his word and will beseech our Saviour Christ that he may lend me, upon this very day, three of his angels, for this I pray; the first he may protect me, the other keep me without weapon or arms, the third may keep my body from all harm and keep my soul, my blood and flesh, and keep my courage ever fresh. Whoever is stronger as Jesus Christ, he may approach and assail my flesh and blood. In the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I praise thee heavenly host.


This may grant God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, † † † Egyptian Secrets Volume Two




When a Rifle or Shot Gun is Bewitched.


Take five cents' worth of liquid amber, asafetida, river water, and mix well together. With the mixture clean well, and the rag, with which the scouring was done, hang up in the smoke, or put in a new-made grave. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two




For all sorts of Sorcery of Man and Beast.


The appended formula suspend upon man or beast, which may have been bewitched, during an uneven hour.


† I N † R I †






C † M † B †


And then proceed at once up into your house, cut or file on the spars so that it becomes like flour, and take three pinches of wheat flour and of salt. Give all of these articles mixed, to the person or cattle in the three highest name. The bad man will appear! Egyptian Secrets Volume Two




To Prevent Witches from entering a Stable.


Take white elfencoop wood, make plugs therefrom, and drive them into all the doors and thresholds of the stable, and no witch can enter. If a witch is already in the house, it cannot leave. Egyptian Secrets Volume Two




When a Cow Loses her Use, how to Mark the Witch.


Milk such a cow on a Friday morning before sunrise. Take the milk-pail, turn it over, and milk over the bottom of the pail two, three or four times, until you obtain a few pots of milk. Then you will also have to procure nine small pieces of wood, which you must either steal or beg for God's sake, but you may return them afterward. Then make a fire, take an iron pan, wherein boil the milk, in which put three tufts of hair of the cow, one from between the horns, one from the shoulder-bone, one from the loins. Thereafter take a handful of salt and a half handful of chimney soot. Now take three, spades or three scythes, heat them in fire and temper them off in the milk, turn them crosswise therein. Then take a hog's bladder, put the milk therein, and hang in the smoke.


If this does not help, write the characters upon spade or scythes as follows:—B. D.





Another for the Witches.


Give to a human being or dumb animal, on St. Martin's Eve (tenth November, c. a.), three garlic bulbs to eat. Egyptian Secrets Volume Three




A Preventive, which must lie carried upon the Body, for the Arts and Wiles of Gypsies.


Just the same as the prophet Jonah, the prototype of Christ had been provided for during three days and three nights in a body of the whale, so may the Almighty God protect me against all danger with his fatherly kindness. J. J. J. Egyptian Secrets Volume Three




An Extraordinary quick Banishment.


Thou rider and footman ye come from thence, under your hat you are sprinkled with the blood of Christ, and by his holy five wounds your rifle, gun and pistol be bound. Sword, dagger and knife are banished and bound, in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This must be spoken three times. Egyptian Secrets Volume Three




To be given to Cattle against Witchcraft and Diabolical Mischief.












Egyptian Secrets Volume Three




An Amulet to carry on your Person.


Carry these words with you, and no one will he able to assail you: Agania, Azaria, and Misael, praise ye the Lord, for He has redeemed us from hell and rescued us from death, and preserved us in the fire. Therefore may the Lord prevent the fire against us.




N. I. R




Egyptian Secrets Volume Three




To prevent Witches from bewitching Cattle, to be written and placed in the stable; and against Bad Men and Evil Spirits, which nightly torment old and young people, to be written and placed on the bedstead.


"Trotter Head, I forbid thee my house and premises, I forbid thee my horse and cow stable, I forbid thee my bedstead, that thou mayest not breathe upon me: breathe into some other house, until thou hast ascended every hill, until thou hast counted every fence post, and until thou hast crossed every water.—And thus dear day may come again into my house, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen."


This will certainly protect and free all persons and animals from witchcraft.






How to relieve persons or animals after being bewitched.


Three false tongues have bound thee, three holy tongues have spoken for thee. The first is God, the Father, the second is God, the Son, and the third is God, the Holy Ghost. They will give you blood and flesh, peace and comfort. Flesh and blood are grown upon thee, born on thee, and lost on thee. If any man trample on thee with his horse, God will bless thee, and the holy Cyprian; has any woman trampled on thee, God and the body of Mary shall bless thee; if any servant has given you trouble, I bless thee through God and the laws of heaven; if any servant maid or woman has led you astray, God and the heavenly constellations shall bless thee. Heaven is above thee, the earth is beneath thee, and thou art between. I bless thee against all tramplings by horses. Our dear Lord Jesus Christ walked about in his bitter afflictions and death; and all the false Jews that had spoken and promised, trembled in their mockery. Look, now trembleth the Son of God, as if he had the itch, said the Jews. And then spake Jesus: I have not the itch, and no one shall have it. Whoever will assist me to carry the cross, him will I free from the itch, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.






Against Evil Spirits and all manner of Witchcraft.



N. I. R.


Sanctus. Spiritus.


N. I. R.



All this be guarded, here in time, and there in eternity. Amen.


You must write all the above on a piece of white paper, and carry it about you.—The characters or letters above, signify: "God bless me here in time, and there eternally."






To Release Spell-bound Persons.


You horseman and footman, whom I here conjured at this time, you may pass on in the name of Jesus Christ, through the word of God and the will of Christ; ride ye on now and pass.






Benediction for all purposes.


Jesus, I will arise; Jesus, do thou accompany me; Jesus, do thou lock my heart into thine, and let my body and my soul be commended unto thee. The Lord is crucified. May God guard my senses that evil spirits may not overcome me, in the name of God the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.






Protection of one's House and Hearth.


Beneath thy guardianship, I am safe against all tempests and all enemies, J. J. J. These three J's signify Jesus three times.






A Charm—to be carried about the person.


Carry these words about you, and nothing can hit you: Annania, Azaria, and Misael, blessed be the Lord; for he has redeemed us from hell, and has saved us from death, and he has redeemed us out of the fiery furnace, and has preserved us even in the midst of the fire; in the same manner may it please him, the Lord that there be no fire:



N. I. R.







To prevent being Cheated, Charmed, or Bewitched, and to be at all times blessed.


Like unto the cup, and the wine, and the holy supper, which our dear Lord Jesus Christ gave unto his dear disciples on Maundy Thursday, may the Lord Jesus guard me in day time, and at night, that no dog may bite me, no wild beast tear me to pieces, no tree fall on me, no water rise against me, no firearms injure me, no weapons, no steel, no iron cut me, no fire burn me, no false sentence fall upon me, no false tongue injure me, no rogue enrage me, and that no fiends, no witchcraft and enchantment can harm me. Amen.






To cut a stick wherewith one can flog someone however distant.


Take note when the moon becomes new on a Tuesday, then go before sunrise, step up to a stick,2 which you have selected beforehand, stand facing the sunrise, and speak these words: Stick, I grasp you in the name † † †. Take your knife in your hand and speak again: Stick, I cut you in the names † † † that you be obedient to me, and flog whom I wish to flog, when I begin a name. Afterwards place cuts in two places on the stick, putting them somewhat apart, so that you can write, stick, or cut these words on it: Abia obie, tabia.3 Put a coat on a shear-heap (?),4 strike the coat5 with your stick, and call the person's name whom you wish to flog, and smack boldly, and your blows will be felt by the person, as if he or she were under the coat, though they may actually be many miles away. Besides a shear-heap you can also use the threshold under a door. This (charm) has been proven by a shepherd from Birneck (Switzerland) against the same nobleman.






A Benediction for and against all Enemies.


The cross of Christ be with me; the cross of Christ overcomes all water and every fire; the cross of Christ overcomes all weapons; the cross of Christ is a perfect sign and blessing to my soul. May Christ be with me and my body during all my life, at day and at night. Now I pray, I, (name), pray God the Father for the soul's sake, and I pray God the Son for the Father's sake, and I pray God the Holy Ghost for the Father's and the Son's sake, that the holy corpse of God may bless me against all evil things, words, and works. The cross of Christ open unto me future bliss; the cross of Christ be with me, above me, before me, behind me, beneath me, aside of me, and everywhere, and before all my enemies, visible and invisible; these all flee from me as soon as they but know or hear. Enoch and Elias, the two prophets, were never imprisoned, nor bound, nor beaten, and came never out of their power: thus no one of my enemies must be able to injure or attack me in my body or my life, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.






A Benediction against Enemies, Sickness and Misfortune.


The blessing which came from heaven, from God the Father, when the true living Son was born, be with me at all times; the blessing which God spoke over the whole human race, be with me always. The holy cross of God, as long and as broad, as the one upon which God suffered his blessed, bitter tortures, bless me to-day and forever. The three holy nails which were driven through, the holy hands and feet of Jesus Christ, shall bless me to-day and forever. The bitter crown of thorns which was forced upon the holy head of Christ, shall bless me to-day and for ever. The spear by which the holy side of Jesus was opened, shall bless me to-day and for ever. The rosy blood protect me from all my enemies, and from every thing which might be injurious to my body or soul, or my worldly goods. Bless me, oh ye five holy wounds, in order that all my enemies may be driven away and bound, while God has encompassed all Christendom. In this shall assist me God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen,—Thus must I, (N.) be blessed as well and as valid as the cup and the wine, and the true, living bread which Jesus gave his 12 disciples on the evening of Maundy Thursday. All those that hate you, must be silent before me; their harts are dead in regard to me; and their tongues are mute, so that they are not at all able to inflict the least injury upon me, or my house, or my premises: And likewise, all those who intend attacking and wounding me with their arms and weapons, shall be defenseless, weak and conquered before me. In this shall assist me the holy power of God, which can make all arms or weapons of no avail. All this in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.







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