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Powwow in the UK

Posted by Rob Phoenix on February 15, 2022 at 10:10 PM

This was written by a student and dear friend of mine, who is a Powwow in the UK.


Powwowing – A Christian Folk Magical Healing System




“They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover”


Gospel of Mark 16:18


King James Version



I am a Powwower: a practitioner of the traditional Christian Folk Magical Healing system of the PA Dutch. The PA Dutch are the descendants of the German immigrants to Pennsylvania.



Powwowing is not ‘based’ on the Bible it is Biblical. The Gospel of Mark dwells on Christ’s ministry of healing and it is Christ’s words (quoted above) that form the reason, the justification and the spiritual authority that underpins Powwowing.



Sadly, many people through ignorance or maliciousness have tried to portray Powwowing as having some kind of ‘Pagan’ or non-Christian roots or meaning when the simple fact is that Powwowing is an expression of a Christian faith. Such cultural mutilation can be proved patently false when the historical record is even cursorily consulted. These falsehoods are quite offensive to the memory of the pious Christian practitioners of the past.



The Biblical imagery that Powwowing employs are not masks, veneers or metaphors for pre or non-Christian practices. Powwowing is an extension of a Christian faith. A faithin God the Father. God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Through the practice of Powwow we see the power of the Holy Trinity move and heal in the world.



Powwowing is a Bible based Christian healing tradition but it’s day to day practice were developed in such books as John George Hohman’s ‘Long Lost Friend’ published in 1820. These and other chapbooks were supplementary to, but did not supplant, the Biblical bedrock of Powwowing. All the forms, rituals, gestures and charms used by a Powwower are merely a manifestation of, and confession of, a Christian faith.



In the same way the nature of the Trinity is a mystery so to, ultimately, it is a mystery how this Christian Healing practice came to be called ‘Powwowing’. Yes, there are many theories but no firm answers. Some would say that looking for the roots of the name in the First Nation peoples. However, thisis a semantic exercise that only draws one's attention from it’s Christian core and can lead to the distortion we see promulgated by Neo-Pagan’s.



How I first came to be aware of and drawn to Powwowing is another mystery. I don’t live in Pennsylvania (although I have visited many times) andI am certainly not of Dutch PA stock. In fact, I don’t even currently live in the USA! I have read studied and was ultimately taught by Rob Phoenix a man whose mission is to practice and preserve the true Christian nature of the practice and a true Christian himself.



Through studying and practising Powwow I have become more aware of the power of the Holy Trinity moving and healing in the world,



Powwowing is about healing. Healing of man and beast; healing of mind and body all through Divine Graceand the Holy Trinity. Does one need to be a Christian to be Powwowed or get benefit from being Powwowed? Ultimately we are all healed through Divine Grace and it is not for me to decide who can or can’t receive that Divine Grace. Only God can do that. God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. That is Powwowing.



If you want to know more about Powwowing or want to be Powwowed I can do no better than point you to Rob Phoenix’s wonderful web page and blog (The Powwow Guy ( . Here you will find more information on Powwowing and details of his students, Powwowers in their own right, who would be happy to help you.

If you are in the UK and need Powwow services, please let me know and I will put you in touch with Michael. God bless you.

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