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Threatened by the Hexen, the evil witches of Pennsylvania

Posted by Rob Phoenix on September 12, 2021 at 7:35 PM

Pennsylvania is an interesting state because we have such a well-documented history of both folk healing (in the form of Powwow) and witchcraft (in the form of Hexerei). In fact, I would wager that our state, moreso than any other, has more documented cases of witchcraft and folk magic than any other.

Recently, I came under fire from a local Hex (evil witch) for reasons that are entirely her own. See the screen shot...

It has always been my understanding that Hexerei was evil witchery empowered by Satan. It is witchcraft that is inspired by both Ego and Satan. Although they often don't say the name "Satan" out loud, they DO often use pagan deity names, not unlike the modern day Wicca who do the same; although those guys are actually good guys.

The Hexen/Hexerei of Pennsylvania German culture are nasty, vindictive, petty, evil witches. Nothing more. And they are very, very real. 

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As a Hexenmeister, it is my job to work against such individuals. I was actually shocked to see that a Hexen would openly attack me in such a manner. Typically they stayed hidden in the shadows, messing with people without a lot of public fuss. But I guess something has changed....

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