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Powwow in the garden

Posted by Rob Phoenix on May 16, 2021 at 5:20 PM

Bill and I have many flower gardens on our property. I also have a large vegetable garden and I grow herbs in pots on one of the patios. This year, I added a few herbs to the actual garden because they were growing so large they could no longer fit in the pots. 2020 was a bad year for the veggies and herbs (and life in general) but this year things are growing with a vengeance, and I'm really excited to see our stuff growing!

As a Powwow, my connection to my property is extremely important to me. I feel great pride and happiness when my land is doing well and the life is flourishing. I mourn the loss of plants or animals on our property and I celebrate when things are growing healthy and strong. I say prayers for my plants and add blessings to the vegetable garden and read bible verses to my herbs. This is how I incorporate my spirituality and my Powwow into the work I do here at home.

I know my vegetable garden doesn't look like much right now, but in a few weeks it will be lush and full.

My potted herbs are doing very well this year. Herbs are tricky for me. Sometimes they grow, and other years they are more stubborn.

As a folk healer, I think it's extremely important to care for our land just as we care for our clients. When we can love our plants and our native flora and fauna, we can also learn to love and respect those who come to us for healing. Many people have commented on how peaceful and lovely it is to spend time on my property, and I hope they carry that feeling with them. I do believe it adds to the healing process. And I always recommend to my clients that they start a garden if they are able to do so. There is so much healing power in connecting with your land, cultivating your gardens, and creating a beautiful and spiritual place of healing.

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