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Oh no! Someone put a curse on me!

Posted by Rob Phoenix on May 13, 2020 at 5:45 PM

I hear this far more often than you might think. The truth is, there are lots of folks out there who like to mess with people. If you know someone who does any sort of magic, then chances are you know someone who isn't fussed about doing dirty work if they choose to, or you may even know someone who feels they have no choice but to do that type of work.

The idea of being cursed seems odd in this day and age, but it really shouldn't. In fact, it's more likely now than it was, say, a hundred years ago. The truth is, we have access to more information now than we ever have. If someone wants to find a curse, they can pull their phone out of their pocket and look one up in seconds. 

Back in 2014, I was gonna write a book about curses and how to identify them and undo them. I had lots of information of my own to work with already, but I wanted to speak to actual witches who put curses on people. I interviewed over 60 people who call themselves witches, and all of them said they had experience with curses. I wanted to know what motivated them to do such things and most of them agreed it was emotion, rather than any sort of spiritual power (such as God, Devil, etc.). This was alarming to me because it told me that there were at least 60 people in the world that were willing to be ruled by emotion and toss magic at those they felt angered by. While my research was not really that great because many of the curses they provided me with as examples seemed fairly lame by my own standards, it did teach me that to undo a curse, we first needed to look at the source of the power behind the curse.

Because of those revelations, I realized a book on curses wasn't good enough. I needed to put proper Powwow information out there so people could begin with a good foundation of information for dealing with such things as curses. The original book idea was tabled and the Powwow Grimoire was written instead.

When someone is a victim of jealousy or anger or slighted love, that's emotion, pure and simple. Such curses are usually undone by reassuring the victim that they are not at fault (if they really are not) and giving them something to remove the perp from their lives. It's important to give some counsel to the victim that they should really consider moving on from the individual in every possible way (don't call them, don't think about them, etc). After all, the best way to remove an influence from your life is to simply stop having it in your life. In addition, I'll offer some protective stuff, just in case the curse does have actual power (which is very rare, believe it or not).

When we are talking about a curse with spiritual power, such as something empowered by the Devil, here's what you need to remember:  Emotional curses are powered by the Ego of the perpetrator. Spritiual curses are driven by the will of the Devil. In other words, a spiritual curse is one where the perpetrator is FORCED to cast the curse, no matter what their personal feelings on the matter. This is a common thread throughout the history of hexerei within Pennsylvania German culture. Witchcraft was a curse PLACED ON THE WITCH. They had no choice but to do the bidding of Satan. In other words, witches were people with an affliction. Anyone who tells you they have a "working relationship" with the Devil or can get Him to do their bidding is delusional.

To undo this type of work, you need to fight the Devil Himself. That's no small thing, I promise. Curses like this are VERY rare indeed. Usually you are just dealing with some emotional mess caused by an individual who is, in turn, an emotional mess. But a true curse has power that can't be undone by any silly New Age "cleansing" or imagining white lights, saying positive "affirmations", or whatever. Fighting the Devil is serious business, best left to those who have experience with such things. And the Devil can't be beat by those who don't believe in Him. That's just how it is. You can't pretend your way through it.

There are also curses that are empowered by some other type of being or entity, such as those worshiped or revered in other religious beliefs. This can be tricky for the Powwow because some research is involved. This is why it's important for a Powwow to know his local lore, learn the lore of the locale of your victim, and find out as much as you can about the perpetrator so you can research what types of forces they may have invoked for their curse. Then work from that point on. 

The point is, there is no such thing as a cure-all for curses in the Pennsylvania German Powwow tradition. Each case can be as unique as it is rare, and your work may be more involved than you initially think it will be.

If you think someone's put a curse on you, it's time to evaluate your life. Who do you know? What type of people do you surround yourself with? Who did you piss off? Start there. Then give me a call. I'll ask a bunch of uncomfortable questions, but I'll need to know everything if I'm to help you with it properly.  

In the meantime, I've provided more than enough info to get you started with protecting yourself. Please check out the rest of this website, it's full of helpful Powwow information. Hopefully, you won't need to call on me. But if you do, I'll be here.

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