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using a knife in powwow

Posted by Rob Phoenix on August 5, 2018 at 8:20 AM

Next to my bible, my pocket knife is my favorite tool for powwowing. I use it in healing charms, anti-hex work, weather work, and all manner of other types of powwowing. My pocket knife is like an old friend, always on hand when I need it and the work I do with it never fails.

In the early days, I used a large red-handled kitchen knife. This worked fine for the time but it was large and tricky to carry around, which meant I was always cutting myself! After a while I grew so annoyed with it that I tossed it in the trash! When I opted for a pocket knife, it felt absolutely correct to me and I've never gone back to a different type of knife.

You can use a knife to verhex an enemy, but I'm not going to tell you how! ;)

Knives can be used to make protective symbols on your home. 

When you are visiting a place where you feel unsafe, you can thrust your knife into the ground in front of the entrance so that you will be protected while inside. Remember to grab your knife when you leave!

A few examples of powwow knives exist and generally have three or nine crosses engraved on them. They are used for protection and healing work. Some are passed down through family lines. Mine originated with me and will be passed on to my son when he's old enough.

There are some interesting superstitions about knives that were published by Lansky (a knife sharpening company).

-Never give a knife as a house-warming present; your new neighbor will become an enemy.

-A knife given as a gift from a lover means the love will end soon

-Place a knife under the bed during childbirth to ease the pain of labor.

-If a friend gives you a knife, give him a penny. This turns the gift into a purchase and will prevent your friendshiop from soon being broken.

-Don't let knives cross at the table, it will start a fight.

-It's bad luck to close a pocket knife unless you were the one who opened it.

-You should always cut bread with a knife rather than breaking it with your hands. It's said that your life will be broken otherwise.

-Never hand a knife directly to another person. It's said this will cause the two of you to get into a fight.

-Thrusting a knife into the door of a house is believed to provide protection.

-If you play with a knife, the angels will run away from you.

-A dropped knife means a man will visit.

-A dropped knife that sticks into the ground is a good sign. Good luck will come from the direction in which the knife is leaning.

-Do not leave crossed knives on the counter top or there will be an argument.

-Knife sets shouldn't be given as wedding gifts because they can cause chaos in a marriage.

-Putting a knife with a black handle under your pillow is believed to keep away nightmares.

-Never stir anything with your knife. "Stir with a knife and stir up strife"

-A knife made of steel is said to protect you against curses and fairies.

-Some people believe that sharpening any blade after the sun goes down is bad luck.

-Sleeping on a bed with knives under it will scare away evil spirits.

-Knives were included in some Anglo-Saxon burial rites, so that the dead would not go into the next world defenseless.

-Never cross your knife and fork on your plate at the table. It's considered an insult to the symbol of the cross.

-In some cultures it's believed that sticking a knife in a pregnant woman's mattress guarantees she'll have a boy.

-Never lick food off a knife. Doing so will make you a cruel person.

-Eating from a knife will make you "angry like a dog".

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