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Passing on the powwow...

Posted by Rob Phoenix on June 22, 2018 at 9:45 PM

As I get older, I find myself thinking about all the interesting and useful powwowing charms I've learned over the years and what will happen to these things as I age and eventually pass on... My son is only 7 so he barely has a passing interest in powwowing. Hopefully as he ages he will develop the calling for it like I did. But if not, I'll want to pass it on. A few people have come to me over the years that have expressed an interest in learning. But it seems like once I start opening up to the idea of teaching, they disappear... This teaches me that powwowing really is a committment. It's also a huge committment to carry on one's lineage. If I'm to pass on my powwowing, the person chosen must be truly devoted and committed to it. And because I have been so public with my powwowing, I would hope that any successor to my work would carry on the work of this website and the sharing of information publicly.

For me, a true successor would be someone willing to keep researching the topic, writing about it, and sharing as much as possible freely and openly, with the goal of helping interested people learn about powwowing without having to join an expensive society or purchasing expensive books. Powwowing is meant for the people to use, not just a select few. Any student of mine must be willing to share openly and freely. In addition, they'd need to be willing to carry on the work I've begun with this website and my published works.

My son will naturally inherit all of my work and access to my personal journals and charms. It will ultimately be up to him to either carry on what I've built or let it die out. That's his choice. In the meantime, while I'm still alive, I find myself hoping for a proper student someday that I can share my information with just in case my son doesn't want to carry on with it. I would love nothing more than to see powwowing restored to what it once was...a practice common to the people, utilized in many homes, and trusted as much as the local doctor. I would love to see our culture reclaim the practice of powwowing as just another household option. Instead of obscurity, I'd love to see powwowing return to the realm of commonplace.

If there is anyone out there willing to devote themselves as I did, then I'd welcome them as a student. It's not a difficult tradition, but there is a committment that I'd expect. I expect a student to put their knowledge out there to the public, as I have done with this website. I expect a student to write their own grimoire, as I have, so that others might pick it up and begin the practice. You must be a Christian, that is not negotiable. There are other things, things I'll share with the right person when we find each other.

I pray to God that my work continues long after I'm gone. My hope is that all I've learned will live on long after I've joined Christ in Paradise. Are you that person?

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