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Catching a thief - a lesson in being cautious

Posted by Rob Phoenix on June 2, 2018 at 6:40 AM

Last fall, my son's bicycle disappeared. He insisted he had it in our carport, where he always parked it. He was upset and I was furious. We live in a relatively quiet neighborhood and our neighbors are mostly older folks with well-tended lawns and respectable reputations. Why would someone come around and steal his bike? I couldn't imagine. So we went to Wal-Mart and got him a new bike and I did some powwow.

I had no idea who may have stolen his bike, which was probably a good thing because it's better to be completely neutral and unknowing when doing this type of powwowing. When you are asking God to bring someone to justice, you really do need to be cautious when you don't know for certain who did the injustice against you. You don't want to just assume you know who it is because then you may unintentionally be asking God to do something to the wrong person. 

So for this work, I sent a prayer to God to help me find out what happened to my son's bike. He already had a new bike, so I wasn't overly concerned about getting the old one back, but I wanted to know what happened.

I wrote the following charm on red paper three times. I buried one in our carport, placed one under the back porch welcome mat and placed the third under the front porch welcome mat.

Abraham bound it †

Isaac redeemed and found it †

Jacob carried it home †

it is bound as tightly as steel and iron, chains and fetters. † † †

Within a week, I had my answer.

Two houses away, the family that lived there had just moved. Our son played with their children. After they moved, he rode his bike down to their yard and just sat under one of the trees on their property, probably thinking about his friends and how much he missed them :( Then he walked home, unintentionally leaving the bike.

The new owner of the house purchased the property for the purpose of flipping it. She saw the bike in the yard, assumed it was left by the previous owners, and tossed it into the trash along with the walls and flooring she was tearing out of the house. She heard that our son's bike went missing and explained what happened. 

Mystery solved. 

I was glad my charm was created with the purpose of getting an answer, rather than raining wrath and fury down on someone. Instead of the bike actually being stolen, it was left in the wrong place and discarded. 

The lesson here is that we should always think carefully before we do any type of powwowing. I believe if we blunder and do the wrong thing, God will step in to set things right. But I think it's better that we weigh our options, think through all situations logically, then act carefully. The solution will come for us if we are patient and make the right choices.

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