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Powwow: a solitary tradition that benefits the community

Posted by Rob Phoenix on March 8, 2022 at 8:00 PM

Powwow is, by its very nature, a solitary way of life. 

We tend to our gardens, we care for our land, we fix up what's broken around the home, we care for the patients that come to us, and we carry on a 3-centuries old tradition of manifesting God in our world for the benefit of our community.

In 2008, I put my first youtube video out into the world proclaiming my adherence to the tradition of Pennsylvania Dutch Powwow. Back then, my instruction in the tradition was spotty, at best. I had been given a foundation of really sketchy academia and historical revisionism. However, I persevered. I ultimately found my calling with Powwow, embraced the Christianity of my family, and worked hard to both learn the nuances of the tradition while simultaneously sharing that information with the general public so as to combat the misinformation that was running rampant.

The early 2000's saw a resurgance in interest in traditional American Folk Magic. Unfortunately, much of this interest was by the neopagan community, and so we saw traditional teachings becoming bastardized and falsified, history being revised by neopagan authors with a money-making agenda, and the average "eclectic pagan" was grabbing anything and everything in an effort to legitimize their chaotic approach at spirituality and magic. In other words, it was a royal mess for traditional American Folk Magic, and one we are only now beginning to recover from.

During these years, it was tricky to find a traditional teacher. This was especially true with Powwow. No one wanted to talk about it. The oldsters were suspicious of us younger folks after the raping and pillaging of the tradition that was done by neopagan author Silver Ravenwolf and other neopagans the world over. I found myself completely alone in my quest for proper information about the tradition while also facing an uphill battle to get anyone to take me seriously.

Eventually, however, God intervened and made the ways open for me. I met older folks who either were practitioners, knew practitioners, or were Powwowed in their own history. This led me to various churches, Pastors, historians, and Powwowers who were keeping a low profile. I was like a sponge and soaked up anything and everything I could. I learned so much. And every time I learned something that wasn't considered "secret", I shared it on my website. 

Over the past two decades, I met many neopagans who wanted to learn Powwow for the purpose of adding it to their resume of magical traditions that they considered themselves to be "expert" in. This was frustrating and infuriating, and so I began to speak out against the neopagan movement. If I thought I was alone prior to this, that fact hit home harder than ever when the neopagans started to consider me "the enemy".

But truth is truth, no matter how many times the conservatives preach about "alternative facts". And I stuck to my guns and eventually became known as someone with reliable and true information. In short, I began to gain respect from contemporaries. This took me many, many years, but I finally started to feel like people were taking me seriously.

But I was still alone.

i was a lone Powwower, hoping to meet others. But that never happened.

When I realized that I was going to do an offical "course" in Powwow, I admit that my goal was to pass on what I knew so that there would be MORE Powwowers in the world. Not just me. And this was succesful. Moreso than I could possibly have imagined.

While Powwow will always be a one-person show; meaning we don't do "group rituals', nor do we intrude on another Powwower's territory, it is so nice to finally have peers that I can converse with, share information with, and celebrate our mutual faith in God and our shared love of this tradition, that has meant so much to me for so many years.

Powwow is truly a way of life. It is solitary in that we work alone. But now none of us ARE alone anymore. And that is truly a gift from God.

Verhexed Objects

Posted by Rob Phoenix on March 1, 2022 at 7:35 PM

In Pennsylvania Dutch history, a verhexed object is one of the most common ways an innocent individual is verhexed (bewitched). A verhexed object could include a milk pail, a horseshoe, a nail, a penny, a farming tool, or whatever. It was usually a common object that would never arouse suspicion.


Remember when we discussed the difference between Brauche work and Hexen work? Brauche/Powwow is complete surrender to God to do His work. Hexen work is denial of God and embracing of the Ego. For this reason, a Braucher/Powwow does not imbue objects with her/his energies. It just isn't a part of Powwow work. We don't "empower" things, we don't "bless" things, etc. We ask God to do these things for us. In Hexen work, it is the witches own energy that is imbued into objects. A verhexed object is a regular object empowered with hate, anger, vengeance, whatever, in an effort to put that disruptive power into the victim's life.


You can understand how even the most well-intentioned person who wants to "empower" something for you can inadvertently create a verhexed object. None of us are ever in a state of pure ANYTHING. While we can feel joy, we are human and also have doubt. Or pain. Or anxiety. Or worry about something. These feelings and thoughts are always a part of us. So when we think we are filling up an object with "love" or "happiness" or "health" or whatever, none of us are ever truly able to conjure up a 100% pure genuine version of this. Only God is capable of purity of purpose and emotion and intent. And for us to think that we can do this better than God is spiritual arrogance. Hence the Ego steps in and overshadows God. Hence, hexerei.


Some years ago, I accepted a gift from a Powwower. The moment I touched it, a warning alarm went off in my mind and I just knew, somehow, that I needed to get rid of it. I don't know how I knew, I can only say that God was telling me I better not keep it. That gift has been in the Susquehanna River for almost ten years now, hopefully rusting away as the waters of the river carry away the power of the verhexing.


Some of you are probably wondering why a Powwow would verhex a fellow Powwow.


It's been done before. It's Ego. This is why I often say that Powwow is somewhat territorial. We do our best not to intrude on each other's "territory". Sadly, it has been shown throughout history that there are Powwowers who gladly and happily call upon God in the light of day, while serving Ego (the Devil) in the shadows...


What do we do with an object we believe is verhexed?


Easy. We get rid of it.


You can bury it at your hexenkopf, which is a personal area in nature that you have designated as a place to bury all the "yuck" that you've removed from your clients. You can bury it in a churchyard. You can toss it into a river. You can burn it to ash in a fire then bury the ashes at your hexenkopf.


We cannot "cleanse" an object of a verhexing. Once an object is tainted by hate and evil and the Devil, it is always tainted. It is of no constructive use to anyone anymore. It needs to be disposed of.


You can do the disposal of a verhexed object quietly. Simply take it to your hexenkopf, bury it, then be on your way. Toss it into a river without ceremony. Bury it in the most under-traveled section of a churchyard. Don't make a fuss. Just get rid of it. And when you get rid of the object, you also free yourself of the influence of the Hex.


Is there a way to know for sure something is verhexed?


No. Not really. You either know or you do not. If you find something in your home that you never noticed before, if you are gifted something unexpectedly, you may even purchase something and bring it willingly into your home... you will notice the influence of the verhexing eventually.


If you do get rid of a truly verhexed object, you may find that the person who made the attempt to verhex you will resurface in your life. History tells us they will feel compelled to borrow something from us, in an attempt to gain something of ours that they can re-attach their power to and thus regain control over our lives. Don't fall for it.


Every verhexing can be different. But most often, signs of a verhexing include household illness, misfortune, insect infestations, weakness, fatigue, fear, paranoia, physical symptoms like boils or other skin disorders that you never had before. Some people have stated they experienced visions of the Devil. Some believe they can hear the whispering of the Hex who cursed them. Everyone experiences these things differently.


Let me just be clear when I say that there are very few people who can actually pull off a successful verhexing. This is powerful stuff. It takes way more than a few ill wishes toward a person. However, if you experience a true verhexing, you won't soon forget it. And you'll be able to distinguish between a real curse and just a general run of ill luck in the future.


But what about using sage to cleanse things?


Don't. We have no right to sage. It's sacred to the Native Americans and there is literally nothing to prove that burning it does anything other than make your house smell bad.


What about Holy Water?


It's true that Holy Water can impart a divine blessing on us when we use it. It is also meant to remind us of our own baptism by water. Holy Water is believed to cleanse of impurities and unclean things. However, Holy Water should not be thought of as a "magical cure". It is not the bleach of the spiritual world.


Holy Water is best used on ourselves as both a reminder of our baptism and as a means of asking for God's blessing. We should not cheapen the spiritual power and mysteries of Holy Water by submerging objects in it to cleanse of other people's negative powers. This act implies that the object itself is precious to you and you are willing to risk all to keep it.


Just get rid of the object.


Our tradition is not heavy on the use of things like Holy Water or blessed oils or what-have-you. These things come to us from Catholic religion and folk magic, which we as Powwows are not a part of.


Let's stay in our lane.


To finalize this, if you suspect an object is verhexed, get rid of it. That's all there is to it. You can pray and ask God to warn you of any other dangerous objects in your life, and that's about all you can do. Don't overthink it.

If you feel you need some help with a potentially verhexed object, please email me and I'll put you in touch with a Phoenix Line Powwower.

Powwow in the UK

Posted by Rob Phoenix on February 15, 2022 at 10:10 PM

This was written by a student and dear friend of mine, who is a Powwow in the UK.


Powwowing – A Christian Folk Magical Healing System




“They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover”


Gospel of Mark 16:18


King James Version



I am a Powwower: a practitioner of the traditional Christian Folk Magical Healing system of the PA Dutch. The PA Dutch are the descendants of the German immigrants to Pennsylvania.



Powwowing is not ‘based’ on the Bible it is Biblical. The Gospel of Mark dwells on Christ’s ministry of healing and it is Christ’s words (quoted above) that form the reason, the justification and the spiritual authority that underpins Powwowing.



Sadly, many people through ignorance or maliciousness have tried to portray Powwowing as having some kind of ‘Pagan’ or non-Christian roots or meaning when the simple fact is that Powwowing is an expression of a Christian faith. Such cultural mutilation can be proved patently false when the historical record is even cursorily consulted. These falsehoods are quite offensive to the memory of the pious Christian practitioners of the past.



The Biblical imagery that Powwowing employs are not masks, veneers or metaphors for pre or non-Christian practices. Powwowing is an extension of a Christian faith. A faithin God the Father. God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Through the practice of Powwow we see the power of the Holy Trinity move and heal in the world.



Powwowing is a Bible based Christian healing tradition but it’s day to day practice were developed in such books as John George Hohman’s ‘Long Lost Friend’ published in 1820. These and other chapbooks were supplementary to, but did not supplant, the Biblical bedrock of Powwowing. All the forms, rituals, gestures and charms used by a Powwower are merely a manifestation of, and confession of, a Christian faith.



In the same way the nature of the Trinity is a mystery so to, ultimately, it is a mystery how this Christian Healing practice came to be called ‘Powwowing’. Yes, there are many theories but no firm answers. Some would say that looking for the roots of the name in the First Nation peoples. However, thisis a semantic exercise that only draws one's attention from it’s Christian core and can lead to the distortion we see promulgated by Neo-Pagan’s.



How I first came to be aware of and drawn to Powwowing is another mystery. I don’t live in Pennsylvania (although I have visited many times) andI am certainly not of Dutch PA stock. In fact, I don’t even currently live in the USA! I have read studied and was ultimately taught by Rob Phoenix a man whose mission is to practice and preserve the true Christian nature of the practice and a true Christian himself.



Through studying and practising Powwow I have become more aware of the power of the Holy Trinity moving and healing in the world,



Powwowing is about healing. Healing of man and beast; healing of mind and body all through Divine Graceand the Holy Trinity. Does one need to be a Christian to be Powwowed or get benefit from being Powwowed? Ultimately we are all healed through Divine Grace and it is not for me to decide who can or can’t receive that Divine Grace. Only God can do that. God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. That is Powwowing.



If you want to know more about Powwowing or want to be Powwowed I can do no better than point you to Rob Phoenix’s wonderful web page and blog (The Powwow Guy ( . Here you will find more information on Powwowing and details of his students, Powwowers in their own right, who would be happy to help you.

If you are in the UK and need Powwow services, please let me know and I will put you in touch with Michael. God bless you.

Hibiscus lemon syrup

Posted by Rob Phoenix on December 14, 2021 at 9:15 PM

Hibiscus flowers have special properties that are believed to help reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol. As we age, these things are more important for us to worry about, so no time like the present to get started on using home remedies!

Hibiscus flowers are, generally speaking, rather sour. So to make a syrup with them that involves lemon is perfect because the sourness is complimentary to the lemon and it all tastes wonderful!



Petals from 10 large hibiscus flowers (color doesn't matter)


1/4 cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice

1 cup sugar

1 cup boiling water


Cover petals with lemon juice in a deep glass bowl. Microwave for two minutes on HIGH. Mix sugar and boiling water in a saucepan, heat over high heat on stove top until boiling and sugar is thoroughly dissolved. Add the petals and lemon juice mixture to the sugar water. Stir well. Simmer over medium heat until reduced by 1/3 volume (approximately one hour). Strain to remove petals, then store in a covered jar in refrigerator. Syrup keeps for a year and is delicious over fresh fruit, ice-cream, custard, pound cake, etc.

You can also take a teaspoon of the syrup each morning to help keep your blood pressure and bad cholesterol down!

Powwowing yourself

Posted by Rob Phoenix on October 19, 2021 at 10:10 PM

I have arthritis in both of my knees and in my hands (and let's not even talk about my back). I'm getting older. Aches and pains and a little rheumatism are a natural part of the aging process. However,  sometimes the swelling and pain (especially in my left knee) is debilitating.

Sunday afternoon I was washing the bedding. When the dryer was finished, I went down to the laundry room (in our basement) and carried the clean sheets up to the second floor. By the time I got to my son's bedroom, my left knee was swollen and painful. I persevered, made his bed, then made my bed, and that's when I knew I was in trouble.

The swelling and the pain had become so debilitating that I didn't think I'd make it back down the stairs. It's a horrible feeling being frozen by pain and so helpless that you can't even walk down the stairs on your own. 

My personal home office is on the second floor, which is where I keep all of my books and powwow paraphrenalia, so I worked my way into that room and grabbed one of my books. The pain was so intense at this point that I found myself near to tears with desperation. What I WANTED was an injection of morphine, but what I HAD was a powwow book. I flipped open to an anti-swelling charm, put my left hand on the bad knee, and recited the charm like my life depended on it. I finished up "in the name of God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost" and, this is absolutely the truth, by the time I was saying "and the Holy Ghost" the pain was gone. The swelling was reduced. I could move my leg with no pain whatsoever.

Here is the charm I used, from the Romanus-Buchlein:

Three pure virgins went out on a journey to inspect a swelling and sickness. The first one said, "It is hoarse". The second said, "It is not". The third said, "If it is not, then will our Lord Jesus Christ come". This must be spoken in the name of the Holy Trinity.

Way back in 2010, I did my first public lecture on Powwowing. I remember one of the attendees asking "Can you use these charms on yourself?" and I truly didn't know how to answer! The idea seemed odd to me, even a little bit silly. It hadn't occurred to me, until that very moment, that I might use the charms on myself! From that day on, I began to see Powwow in a whole new light. It didn't need to be just for others, it could be used at home for myself when needed too. What a concept!

To be honest, you'll likely be powwowing for yourself moreso than for other people, and that's ok. It works. And in a pinch, like I was in the other day with my knee, it could literally mean the difference between laying on the floor in pain while trapped on the second floor and being able to walk back down the stairs pain-free and continue with your day.

When you need Powwowing, see yourself as the client. Do for yourself what you would do for anyone who comes to you in need. I believe that God wants His healers to be well, so there is no shame in trying for yourself when necessary. We've been given a great gift, it is only fitting that we use it on ourselves so that we are better equipped to help others.

A Blessing for your Adversaries

Posted by Rob Phoenix on October 4, 2021 at 9:05 PM

Because Powwow is a Christian tradition, there are a number of charms that are designed to send your adversary away from you in the spirit of peace and truce. I like these charms because sometimes you just want to separate yourself from an individual with no hard feelings. One such charm is found in John George Hohman's original work, The Friend in Need. It reads as follows:

"Here I go quite light of heart. We have drunk the blood of Jesus Christ. God the Father be by me, God the Son be by thee, and God the Holy Ghost who wisheth us both to part from one another in peace. In the Three Highest Names." + + +

In other words, this charm is both a statement of separation and a blessing. You ask for the blessing of Christ upon your adversary. You acknowledge that you have both "drunk the blood of Jesus Christ".. in other words, you recognize your adversary as a Brother in Christ. And you state that the Holy Ghost wishes you to "part from one another in peace". 

This is a lovely charm that I highly recommend when you know it is time to draw a line between yourself and an individual that you can no longer reasonably see eye-to-eye with. 

The almanac and its place in PA German culture

Posted by Rob Phoenix on September 21, 2021 at 4:40 PM

Pennsylvania German culture is rich with folklore and quaint folksy traditions. One of the more popular traditions that has spanned well over 400 years is the use of the Farmers Almanac.

The Almanac has been a household friend since the earliest arrival of German-speaking immigrants to the Commonwealth. We as a people rely on the almanac for weather forecasts, moon lore, planting and harvesting days, as well as other numerous items as laid out by Julius F. Sachse in a 1907 essay titled "Porgnostics and Superstitions":



The Aberglaube (superstitions) of the early Germans may be said to have been divided into at least a hundred different forms, the scale running all the way from a simple belief in the efficiency of Bible verses promiscuously selected down to demonology itself. Perhaps the most common of these superstitions was what was known as Kalender-Aberglaube, or a belief in prognostics based upon the almanac. This was again subdivided into various departments, based upon the phases of the moon and other celestial bodies. This, however, is not to be confounded with the custom of astrology or the casting of the horoscope. To any person schooled in the art, the almanac became the guide and mentor for almost every function of daily life. First, it told us of the state of the weather for every day of the coming year; then it informed us what were to be the prevalent diseases, gave us the proper days for felling timber, taking purgative medicine, for bleeding and blood-letting, for cutting the hair, for weaning calves, children, etc. It gave the lucky days for sowing grain, the proper days for a merchant to speculate, and for other daily avocations.

I consult the almanac weekly for weather, planting, harvesting, and other advice as one might need with a large property and animals and plants to tend to. There are extra bonus articles that can give you all sorts of advice, ranging from the best time of day to catch fish to how to properly install a fence post! Truly, the almanac is the best friend you can ever have!

Consider this by poet Mark Louden...


Mark L. Louden reciting “Mother’s Almanac”

“Mother’s Almanac”


Faith has much to do

With our human life;

The lawyer believes in big pay,

The minister believes in praying;

The young girls get a lot of joy

From their faith in men;

Mother takes the good old way,

And believes in the almanac.


Sie always observes the signs,

Before we dig the garden;

And goes by the moon, you can bet on it,

For that is her faith.

In order to grow well, everything must go in

During the waxing of the moon;

Thus she plants in that sign,

As others do, as well.


Potatoes you plant in Libra,

Then they get nice and big;

You might think that’s a joke,

But I’m not so narrow-minded.

That’s why I wish they would not slip

Down so deep into the ground,

And if there were no such sign,

They would not be so round.


So if you don’t watch the sign,

Just as it is in the almanac,

Then your potatoes will be ruined,

And we’ll have nothing to sell;

I tell you now, don’t plant in Cancer—

They crawl down too deep,

And get as warty as a toad

And also taste bad.


Cucumbers, really, you may not

Plant in the sign of Gemini,

Otherwise they just go ahead and bloom

And creep around like roaches;

That sign is not for a good crop,

They just don’t form on the vine—

Whoever wants cucumbers, doesn’t plant

In the sign of Gemini.


But now, whoever likes flowers,

This sign is the best;

The blossoming virgin is also good

For planting flowers.

In spring here, in Virgo, that is,

You let the hens out,

Whoever goes by this sign then gets

Better chicks from them.


When bees swarm in Libra,

Honey becomes plentiful in the hive;

If a cat drowns in a water trough,

At least it won’t die of thirst.

When fruit trees are in full bloom

While the moon waxes, there’ll be fruit;

But if the trees blossom during the waning,

There’s not much you can do.



In the setting moon you roof a house,

That keeps the shingles down;

And whoever doesn’t build according to the almanac,

His shingles will be down right away.

To roof during the waxing of the moon,

That’s the wrong thing;

The shingles curl right up,

And you get a ragged roof.


You make the post fence according to the moon,

But just when it is setting;

The posts will not stay in the ground

In any other sign.

So, don’t laugh, and take heed,

I’ll tell you that in advance,—

Whoever makes fence in the waxing of the moon,

His posts will creep out.


Some poke fun, there are such people,

Especially among the menfolk,

Yet they are in no way as smart

As Mother’s almanac.

“An old wives’ tale, ha!”

That’s what they always say,

But faith will still save,

And it rules digging in the garden.


Libra is supposed to be good for planting,

But some also put in potatoes

In the Aries waxing moon,

That’s just testing.

And for good luck with radishes

Seeds have to be planted in Pisces,

That means that radishes will be tender and thick

And plenty on the table.


In the fall apples have to be put away,

And so that they don’t rot

You have to do this in the dark moon, you bet,

Even if the men-folk complain.

To get vinegar you need to tap the cider

In the sign of Leo, definitely:

That makes you as strong as ginger pop,

And as crusty as an old grouch.


But winter meat should not be

Hung up in the sign of Leo,

Otherwise it will get as “lively” as a lion—

One definitely wouldn’t think that!

White worms will move right in,

If no one goes fishing,

That way you get fresh meat, too,

If you don’t understand the sign.


A board left out in the weather

Often gets quite warped,

But one doesn’t consider the reason

As being the influence of the moon;

In the waxing of the moon the board turns up,

In the waning down,—

It all depends how the moon shines on it.

Isn’t that amazing?


You don’t clean your house in a full moon,

That’s the wives’ tale,

For if you do, the house will fill up

Terribly with moths;

That just goes to show, moths go

By the moon sign in the almanac,

Apparently they are sharper

Than our clever menfolk.


The signs have the world in order,—

Capricorn, Pisces, and Aries,

Leo, Libra, Aquarius,

Taurus, he’ll knock you down;

Sagittarius, he shoots, Aquarius pours,

We have Cancer and Gemini,

Scorpio stings, Virgo speaks,

That’s how you find it in the almanac.

Gifts and favors - the sign of a true witch

Posted by Rob Phoenix on September 1, 2021 at 4:25 PM

Here in Pennsylvania we have no shortage of stories of farmers and house maids having unfortunate run-ins with the local witch. Many of the stories begin innocently enough.... a farmer accepts a gift from a mysterious stranger... a new mother is visited by a vengeance seeker... a simple land dispute becomes a battle between good and evil...

Throughout our history, many instances of innocents becoming verhexed begin with the receiving of a gift. That gift might be something tangible, like a broom or a pitcher of milk. Or it might be something seemingly innocuous, like a kiss on the cheek or a whispered word...

There is a superstition in Pennsylvania German culture that to accept a gift unearned is to invite bad luck. And we never, ever pick up anything found on the street! To be offered a gift unwarranted is a good way to welcome witchcraft into your home. Even amongst powwowers, where there was a lot of rivalry, the giving of gifts was often a nefarious practice! The gift itself was basically the cover for a malevolent verhexing.

When a curse is removed and returned to the sending witch, a sure way to know you've targeted the right person is to wait for them to come to you with a request to borrow something. If that individual does show up at your door in need of something (no matter how trivial), we are smart enough to refuse them this request! What is really happening is the witch can feel her/his power over you diminishing and requires something that belongs to you in order to solidify their stranglehold over you. Without that object, they are powerless.

I've received a few "gifts" over the years, many of which are indeed sincere and I'm always appreciative. However, there are a few that I just knew weren't sincere. They are safely out of harm's way in the Susquehanna River, never to realize their evil potential.

If you do receive such a gift, be sure to dispose of it either by burying it six feet into the ground or weighing it down and dropping into the deepest part of a river or lake that you can find. And if a suspected witch comes to you in need of borrowing an object, politely say no and give her no further foothold in your life!

The magical boundary

Posted by Rob Phoenix on August 1, 2021 at 8:55 PM

As a Powwow, the protection of my home and my property are paramount to my successful healing work. Should something unwanted cross the boundary into my personal space, it could negatively impact my health, my family's health and safety, and the efficacy of the work that I do. In order to ensure that I am protected at all times, I use my Powwow knowledge to create a magical boundary around my home so that I am always assured of magical privacy and protection.

A magical boundary is exactly what it sounds like; a barrier placed between your space and the rest of the world in order to live your life and work your Powwow without outside interference.

The Powwow tradition offers a number of methods for creating a magical boundary. The most well-known and, in my opinion, the most effective, is as follows:


To manufacture a Golden Ring, by which not only House and Home, but also Man and Beast are secured against all Misfortunes, Pestilential Epidemics and Diseases, and are secured against the Arts and Wiles of the Powers of the Devil.


May God direct and rule, that this hour, day and year and all the time may be as good and blessed as our dear Lord Jesus Christ; that grant God, the Father, and God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.


May God, the Father, make a golden ring around this house, around this stable, around all men and beasts that belongeth thereto and goeth in and out of it; also around my fields and forests, yea, this very ring encircles our beloved Mary with her dear infant, Jesus Christ they protect, watch over, maintain, shelter, cover and defend all mankind, both male and female, small and large, young and old, as likewise, all cattle, oxen, steers, cows and calves, horses and foals, sheep, goats, beef-cattle, and swine, geese, ducks, chickens, pigeons, large and small, whatever is contained in this house and these stables and all that cometh in and goeth out; for all misfortunes, evil, colic wild fire, losses, epidemics, and other diseases; for all bad and heated blood; for all bad and malicious enemies and storms; for all evil hours, day and night; for all magic power of witchcraft, and the designs and powers of the devil and his infernal hosts, to be visible or invisible, or for all wicked people who contemplate to rob me, that they may not be able to carry or spoil aught, anything that these people and animals, young and old, large and small, nothing excepted, whatsoever belongeth to these premises and their surroundings, and goeth out and cometh in, from whence and hence that no loss may occur, nor any evil be done at home or abroad, in the field or in the woods, in the meadows and on the plains, in grass, wood or heath, whether it works or rests, sits, lays, runs, or stands, they shall all now for all time to come be included in this ring, and be secure and protected from bullet and sword, by the very holy blood-drops of the dear beloved infant, Jesus Christ, which he hath suffered and shed for us by his circumcision and upon the cross and thereby vouchsafed and sealed his love everlasting, for such, they, the magicians will find no herb which may open, break or move or pervert, because our dear Lord Jesus Christ, protects and defendeth such with his ever holy hands, and his supremely sacred five wounds, at all times, by day and by night, and at all hours, forever and ever eternally. In the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Three Fridays in succession, in the morning, this should be repeated three times over house and all the estates, and all that lives and dwells therein will be protected from all evil and harm. 

The real power in a blood-stopping charm

Posted by Rob Phoenix on July 14, 2021 at 7:35 PM

I have spent several years working to "decode" certain charms that are found within Long Lost Friend, Albertus Magnus, and a few other sources, in an effort to uncover any hidden symbolisms or meanings. In some instances, I was alarmed by what I had found because it made me realize how much actual POWER there is in the tradition. It shocked me the first time I was able to work a charm with the true understanding of it's meaning and the power that it conjured.

Recently, I decided to start unraveling the mysteries of the blood-stopping charms. Here's one from Egyptian Secrets that you might be familiar with:

To Stop the Blood

Three roses upon God's acre stood -- the one is called humility, the other gentleness, the third stops the blood. + + +

At first glance, you might find yourself visualizing three roses growing on a lovely patch of God's green earth... And two of those roses have a name, and the third has the power to stop the flow of blood.

But let's look closer.

"God's acre" comes from the German Gottesacker (field of God). This doesn't mean just any old field, it means a churchyard. In particular, a graveyard just outside of a church. So this charm doesn't actually call on a lovely sunny field of earth, it calls up the image of a graveyard. This phrase is particularly common amongst the Moravian church, which is headquartered here in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The three roses are a recurring motif in Powwow charms due to the number 3's association with the Holy Trinity. 

The names of the roses are where we begin to decode this charm.

"the one is called humility, the other gentleness, the third stops the blood." As you can see, only the first two are given names. The name of the third rose is not revealed, although this rose is stated to "stop the blood". But what is the third rose's name?

For that, we go to Ephesians 4:2 "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."

"bearing with one another in love." Roses are historically symbols of love.

The name of the third rose is PATIENCE. And so the word PATIENCE is the true word of power in this charm.

When working for this charm, you will repeat it three times, as stated. But you would also silently utter the word "patience" over the bleeding wound. The charm literally states that it is this specific rose that will stop the blood. The rose of patience.

With the mental imagery of a graveyard, we can understand that patience is necessary in order to wait for ever-lasting life. When we are all called into heaven at the End of Days, our patience will be rewarded. I believe this understanding while working this charm is crucial to it's success. As is true with all of the Powwow charms I've "decoded", what you see at face value is very different than what is truly at work. And a deeper understanding of the mysteries of these charms adds so much power to your work.