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hexing the hex doctor

Posted by Rob Phoenix on July 8, 2018 at 2:35 PM

One of the most important skills for a hex doctor to master is the art of combating hexerei. A hex doctor must educate himself in the ways of hexerei so that he can effectively stop, remove, and return the powers of hexerei back to the hex from which it came. This is not for the feint of heart. Combating witchcraft can get spooky and dangerous.

The other day, I came home to find strange lines and shapes 'drawn' on the front steps of my home with sawdust. Since there are trees being removed from the neighboring property, the sawdust was on hand. I immediately knew the sawdust figures to be runes. In particular, the runes Isa and Hagalaz. For those who don't know, these runes are used for 'freezing' an individual, preventing them from taking action, and for bringing destruction on your enemy. I don't technically have any enemies, that I'm aware of, but the work I do is not a secret.

The most alarming bit about this is, of course, that someone knows where I live and how to verhex using runes. Immediately a few suspects came to mind, but honestly there is no justification for it, so who really knows? I'm fairly "public" about my powwowing so it is not unheard of for someone to know of me then find out where I live. Still, my husband and son and dogs and fish live here, so the runes on my property were a problem...not because they posed a threat to me. Certainly they did not. But because someone knows where I live and my family's safety is my TOP priority.

As a powwow, healing is my first goal. But there are times when I must cross ethical lines and work to protect the people I love most in this world. If my family is threatened, I go full-blown Hex Doctor and fight fire with fury. I show no mercy, just as God does not in the Old Testament. 

When a hex hexes a hex doc, the hex doc out-hexes the hex (try saying that five times fast). We are trained to combat hexerei. 

My word of advice to the hexes that wish harm upon me or any other Powwow... don't go there. It's not worth it. If you are devoting energies to verhexing, wouldn't it be better to devote that to healing? To bringing fortune to those you come in contact with? Wouldn't it be better to use your gifts to bring light and love into the world?

I am alarmed at what happened on my property, but not afraid. I'm forced to take action, of course, but would rather meet with a magically-oriented individual as equals and see what good we can bring into the world. There is so much division and racism and hatred and bigotry in the world. Why should we add to it? Instead, let us be friendly toward one another. Let us meet as individuals and equals and see what we can accomplish together to make our world better. Don't bother verhexing me because I strike back, and it's not nice. Rather, contact me. Let's talk. Let's make an actual POSITIVE change in the world.

Thank you.

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